Lekki Gardens Estate is a residential estate that sits on 10 hectares of land and is in close proximity to the Lagos Business School, Crown Estate, Abraham Adesanya Estate, Sapphire Gardens. Lekki Gardens Estate is a 10-minute drive from the Victoria Garden City (VGC) and about one hour drive from Lekki Phase 1 during rush hours. The estate is divided into phases and is located along the Lekki – Epe Expressway. These estates are beautiful, possessing a luxury ambience in a serene and well-maintained environment. Entry into these estates is restricted to residents alone, and non-residents have to call their host before they are allowed entry into the estates.

Lekki Gardens estate has a central management authority that handles the cleaning and maintenance of the environment, waste management, and ensures the uninterrupted availability of potable water and electricity (4 pm – 9 am). Thus, the residents pay dues for all these facilities. The road network and supply of electricity within the estate is excellent.

Houses in Lekki Gardens Estate are mostly 3 bedroom terraces and 4 bedroom terraces. There are houses currently available for sale within these estates, to have a list of properties for sale or rent in Lekki Garden Estate, click on PropertyPro.ng. Most of these buildings come with ample parking space for residents. Lekki Gardens is strictly residential with no commercial reservation.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Lekki Gardens Estate was designed to benefit middle class Nigerians by providing affordable yet, highly habitable abode for the middle-class Nigerians. Most residents here are civil servants, oil workers, entrepreneurs and professionals. There are also a few artisans and traders that live here, the estate is close to the Abraham Adesanya roundabout. Also, the estate is quite safe as visitors are not allowed in without the full permission of their host. 

Investing in Lekki Gardens Estate promises high rewards. However, the quality of the structures has been questioned due to the previous collapse in times past, this is because lots of real estate companies do not pay attention to the quality of the structure. However, to invest in good real estate properties in Lekki Gardens Estate as well as in other areas in Lagos, PropertyPro.ng is your best bet to access these properties as well as getting in touch with experienced real estate agents.

Lekki Gardens Estate is a clean and well-maintained neighbourhood, most residents move around with their private cars, and like to mind their business. Some good schools in Lekki Garden Estate includes Greenspring, Einsteins Preparatory School, Readington Schools. 

What To Expect

The estate depicts beauty and fantastic architecture at an affordable cost. It is one of the estates that promises high rewards on real estate in the Ajah axis. The estate is gated and serene, the security here is top notch as there are armed policemen in the area. 

Lekki Gardens Estate is strategically located and it’s about 1 hour 10 minutes drive to Lekki Phase 1.  If you work in Victoria Island or any other business district in Lagos Island, it is advisable to leave home as early as possible and leave work early too if you don’t want to get stuck in the traffic during the rush hour or get ready for some Lagos frustration which apparently, lots of residents are accustomed to. If you are new here, and you work in any of these business areas, our candid advice is drive smart although avoiding the after-work traffic when heading towards Lekki or areas in proximity may not be a luxury you get to enjoy anytime.

The Lifestyle

Life in this estates tends to be more of quiet and reserved, with neighbours who like to mind their business and stay in their houses, so if you are new here and loving visiting, you might want to stick to your friends. Residents get to enjoy good power supply, water supply as well as interlocked roads and good drainage. Till now, there has been no record of robbery activities in the area due to the high level of security systems in place.

Lekki Gardens Estates at night is technically the same as during the day, asides from residents returning from their place of work, and a few visitors checking in, the estates do not have a bustling nightlife as there are no forms of commercial activities allowed here this implies no bars, no hotels and no fun or leisure spots in Lekki Gardens Estates

The Market

Lekki Gardens Estate is strictly residential with no commercial spheres. Unlike other areas, the estate houses no roadside shops, stores or supermarkets. There are roadside shops outside the Estate. Since the estate is a gated estate, residents have to purchase their goods from markets that are close by such as the Ajah market, the Sangotedo market or the Jakande market. Residents  also purchase groceries and other goods from small stores, mini marts, supermarkets or malls in other areas in Lekki. 

You'll Fall In Love With

The fun spots in close proximity to this estate where residents can unwind and catch some fun are upscale and exquisite. Some of which are Fun Factory and Bay Lounge in Lekki Phase 1, Xavor Lounge on Lekki Expressway, Elegushi Beach, Lekki Conservation Centre and so much more. Anyone who lives on the island known that is hub for the most luxurious and bustling hotspots in Lagos.

The serenity that come with Lekki Gardens Estate is desirable. The environment is clean, peaceful and calm unlike some areas in Lagos. The estates are gated and and the presence of high security makes it a safe place to live and bring up children as residents do not have to worry about robbery activities or any other criminal activities like kidnapping, pick pocketing among others as the estate is not a busy place both during the day and a night.

Social Facilities


Lekki Gardens Estate has very good roads, clean and all interlocked, one appealing point in favour of this estate is that the roads are repaired immediately any part gets broken and they are well maintained. The estate also houses good serviced apartments, well furnished, room service, house keeping, a fitness centre, a laundry room and rec room . Most of them are equipped with full kitchens, Wi-Fi and in-apartment washers and dryers.

Some social facilities in proximity to the estate includes banks like Diamond Bank, First Bank, Clinics, Fast foods and bars such as Domino’s Pizza, Coldstone Creamery, Sailors Lounge, also some clinics which are all few minutes drive from the estate.

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