Masha is majorly a residential area in Surulere which is in close proximity to Western Avenue. The neighbourhood of Masha features a good road network, a handful of sub-estates, an averagely fair supply of power and a central water supply provided by the government.

Most of the houses within Masha are gated and there are central security units for people in the estates. Traffic in Masha is minimal as you only tend to experience light traffic just at the Masha roundabout. The cost of renting a flat in Masha ranges from N700,000 to N3,000,000, Check out for properties available for sale or rent in Masha.  The Surulere Central mosque is not far from Masha.

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  • Iyana Itire
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  • Itire road Junction
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  • Okota Link Bridge
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  • Stadium
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  • Alaka
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  • Orile
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  • Lawanson

Around the block

The Neighbours

Masha is the hub of high-income earners and the upper class hence the residents seen here belong to these groups. Unlike some other neighbourhoods in Surulere such as Itire, Ijesha, hitta, Ojuelegba, Anjorin and Lawanson, Masha offers good and motorable roads, properly covered drainage channels as well as a good ambience. There area also streetlights which lighten up the area at night. Most houses in Masha are also gated and offer very good security.

What To Expect

The serenity and security in the community make Masha a good place to live especially for high income earners and middle income earners who are raising children. Traffic situation is same as in most places in Lagos. Masha is in proximity to business districts on the Island such as Victoria Island and Ikoyi. Masha is 40 minutes from Victoria Island and about 43 minutes from Ikoyi, Lagos. 

The Lifestyle

Living in Masha can be interesting for people who enjoy the upscale lifestyle. During the day, you can spot a few street hawking who sell inexpensive good items. Apartments within the neighbourhood are well built and mostly gated. Some of the houses make provision for green space. Check out for properties available for sale or rent in Masha

The Market

Although there is no major market here, the Masha Fruit Market and a few roadside markets cater to the needs of its residents. Surulere itself offers a wide range of shopping option, some other supermarkets and markets in Surulere include Lawanson Market, Orile Mini Evening Market, Gbaja Shopping Mall, Kilo Market, Ijeshatedo Market, Census Market, Aguda Market, Kings Supermarket, Best Buy Supermarket, Best Choice Supermarket, Jerdell Supermarket, Source Supermarket

You'll Fall In Love With

House of ornament, Lap top Restaurant and Bar, Krusty Butter Bakery and Pastries, Precinct Comfort Services amongst others are what Masha renders for fun and recreation to its residents.


House of Ornament is located at 18, Alhaji Masha, Surulere, Lagos. The hotel is a budget friendly hotel that offers four different categories of room including Single rooms, Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms and Executive Rooms. The rooms are furnished properly and well equipped with cable televisions, air conditions and much more. There is also a bar and restaurant housed within the premises. There is also ample parking space for guests and active security tents that work round the clock.


Tantalizers  is a leading fast food company which has become a household name in Nigeria over time. The fast food company has about 60 outlets spread across various locations in the country with a branch in Masha, Surulere. This outlet is a popular hangout spot in the neighbourhood where residents as well as visitors unwind with friends and family. Tantalizers provide an African menu which offers a wide range of options to pick from. Check out Tantalizers Masha, Surulere

Social Facilities


Krusty Butter Bakery and Pastries sells freshly baked bread, pastries and confectioneries. They offer quite a range of optionsw for customers to choose from, residents of Masha enjoy the convenience of having a baking within the neighbourhood. The environment is mostly clean and properly maintained, the customer service is also great. The bakery provides delivery service for different locations as well.

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