Sanusi Fafunwa street is a commercial neighbourhood in Victoria Island. The neighbourhood is serene and accessible. The road network here is motorable and the power supply is fair. However, there tends to be heavy traffic during rush hours. The neighbourhood is the workplace of a good number of Lagos mainlanders. Sanusi Fafunwa is also the hub of thriving big businesses in the nation. The headquarters of First City Monument bank located in Sanusi Fafunwa brought the area to the limelight. The cost of renting an apartment in Sanusi Fafunwa is high as a result of its upscale nature. There are a few residential properties and a lot of commercial properties for rent and for sale in Sanusi Fafunwa.

Companies in Sanusi Fafunwa street are; Reynold Construction Company Nig. Ltd, Saroafrica International Ltd, I.T.B. Nig. Ltd, Mama Caroline, Nicon Insurance Corporation, Standard Chartered bank and first bank among others. The Riverbank School is the major school in this neighbourhood. Savannah Hospitals and ideal eagle hospital are the prominent hospitals in this neighbourhood. Worship centres are not present in Sanusi Fafunwa street.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Sanusi Fafunwa is the hub of working class people. Although there are a few artisans in the neighbourhood. Since the neighbourhood is a commercial one, it is the workplace of mainlanders and islanders alike. Sanusi Fafunwa is one neighbourhood that is usually free from the Lagos hustle and bustle during work hours although it can be a bit rowdy during rush hours.

What To Expect

Expect a neighbourhood highly concentrated with wealthy people and elites. Sanusi Fafunwa street has a unique ambience of luxury. Wealth and class are the keywords for anyone living in Sanusi Fafunwa. It is a good place to live, work and have fun. Sanusi Fafunwa is also a good place to raise children. The neighbourhood is one of the best places to live in Lagos.

The Market

One of the major Supermarkets in Sanusi Fafunwa is Grand Square Supermarket and Stores. Residents can also shop at the SPAR supermarket in Adeola Odeku street. The Jakande market and the Oniru new market are also close by markets for the Sanusi Fafunwa residents. There are also a number of supermarkets and street shops that cater for the domestic needs of the residents here.

You'll Fall In Love With

The lovely hang out spots in Sanusi Fafunwa includes exotic restaurants for sumptuous meals and beautiful spots for various fun activities. Some of them are; Adesola Food Canteen, Cafe Neo, Shaunz Bar, Friday night karaoke among others.

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