Tiamiyu Savage is a luxury residential hub with a few commercial spheres in Victoria Island.  Tiamiyu Savage boasts of a serene and highly accessible neighbourhood with a motorable road network and fair power supply. The neighbourhood is highly secured as most of the houses are gated. The cost of renting an apartment in Tiamiyu Savage is quite high because of the exclusive nature of the neighbourhood and its proximity to various offices on Lagos Island. Thus, the area encourages the live, work and play idea.

Tiamiyu Savage hosts a number of companies which include Ekulo Group of Companies, DStv Office, Plainsail Solutions Limited, Jubaili MouKarimu Group Limited and Plainsail Solutions Limited. Path Care and The Bridge Clinic are the hospitals present in this area.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

The residents of Tiamiyu Savage are majorly professionals and elites of the upper class. There are also a few entrepreneurs and artisans in the neighbourhood. Tiamiyu Savage is also home to low-income earners who work as servants, cooks, drivers and gatemen. A lifestyle of individualism as opposed to communalism rules here. Tiamiyu Savage is home to people from different villages in Nigeria.

What To Expect

Expect high accessibility and serenity at its peak reflected in Tiamiyu Savage. The residents are cultured and it is a very good place to raise children. The neighbourhood is one of the best places to live for people working on the Lagos Island.


The Market

The Jakande market and the new Oniru market are in close proximity with Tiamiyu Savage as there is no major market in the neighbourhood. However, there are a few street shops and supermarkets the provide the domestic needs of residents here.

You'll Fall In Love With

The lovely places to unwind and catch fun in Tiamiyu Savage are widely spread across the neighbourhood. So if you want to live in Tiamiyu Savage visit some of the hotels and restaurants here, they are; the Avenue Suites, Eko Hotel, Villa Piccaso, Pearl Garden, Ocean Basket, Terra Kulture and Classic Cafe Restaurant & Bar.

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