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Date Registered:Feb 08, 2019


About Me

CHI Realtor is a Real Estate Consulting and Investment Firm that is empowered by law to carry out business in real estate, and financial consultant service.

As a consulting firm, we go into strategic partnership with leading real estate developers to provide our clients with the best performing property deal that'll meet their short and long term investment and property acquisition goals because we understand the need for you to see your investment(Lands/Housing) secured and grow overtime in value.

We also act as a Real Estate Strategic and Operational Technical Evaluator, marketing to the private and public sector for real estate business.
The company is also mandated by law to act and carry on the business of investment to the eligible investor.
Our businesses are but not limited to Real Estate Consultancy, Marketing and Investment.

Our Vision:
To make home ownership and property investment easy, cost effective, and seamless.

Our Mission:
To provide top quality professional service and support to real estate owners and investors.

How do we accomplish our Mission and work towards our Vision?
Investment and Commitment.

As a company we make investment in our people. We encourage and support training and courses at all levels throughout our staff in an effort to keep them abreast of new developments in our industry.

We invest in technology to enable us to be more efficient and to deliver more comprehensive information to our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.

We encourage feedback from our clients to help us to measure how we are doing and to ensure we are offering the services in a manner that best suits our clients’ needs.

Our commitments are to:
Work hard for our clients.
Deliver the services they need.
Look ahead to assess, evaluate and educate our clients on the impacts of potential opportunities or changes.
Encourage client feedback on ways we can better meet their needs.

Our Values
The quality of our service mirrors our commitment to what we call PEPSI. People, Excellence, Professionalism, Service and Integrity. These are our core values, and as a customer, you can expect them to be an integral part of the solutions we provide.
People; We build enduring relationships based on respect, responsiveness and trust.
Excellence; We pursue excellence in all we do. Good is never good enough.
Professionalism is paramount. We will always provide our clients with a professional approach to our services; we will offer our opinions as to what we think in order to help you make a decision. We will tell you what we think you need to know, not just what you want to hear.

Service; We commit to listen, understand and deliver the outcomes desired by those we serve.

Integrity above all else. We tell our customers the truth; All fees from the beginning to completion and charges are disclosed clearly in our Forms and FAQs.

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