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We gladly introduce to you ‘gedegede' business concept, a subsidiary of Kholis Investment Group (KIG), a Nigerian company that provides innovative Real Estate solutions to both private and public property management interests.

People in many big cities all over the world have been enjoying this unique opportunity and expanding in leaps and bounds in terms of property transaction satisfaction. It is therefore high time we keyed into this Econo-electronic strategy and boost both property trading and acquisition. In order to grasp this sense of purpose from the grassroots, we designed this site mainly for Nsukka environs and by extension, Enugu State, in terms of property collection and advertisement. This supposes that the advertised property is seen by almost every potential buyer within and outside Enugu State, and all over the world, who hails from the town/state or has a vested interest to acquire property within the state. In other words, property locations are within Nsukka/Enugu while potential buyers are from all around the world.

This is how it works; before now, our potential clients (buyers and sellers) are used to ‘word of mouth’ marketing for their property up for sale or intention to acquire a property. By ‘word of mouth,’ we mean a vocal and hence very local method of property advertisement. This marketing pattern, which has subsisted for a long time, has always come with its concomitant limitations of; delayed transaction, the multiplicity of beneficiaries, encumbrances associated with distance, consistent and irrelevant telephone communication, psychological stress, difficulty to spot choice property and location, to mention but a few.

However, there is now the need to embrace the privileges of technological leverage in our Real Estate transactions, mainly because of the myriads of accruable relative advantages. If a seller, you only need to visit our website, post your property (lands, houses, rents, facilities, leases) by filling out a prerequisite form at no cost. A buyer from any part of the world will be linked to the displayed property at no cost too and a transaction is subsequently effected. In other words, using this site as leverage, we connect sellers and buyers of property within a template of market numerical strength, optimal efficiency, and unprecedented speed. So, both parties are encouraged to consummate this business relationship.

We do not just list out but also compare property, thereby providing an investor with the platform to generate comparative analysis across various verticals like; location, specification, conveniences, costs, and the most important accommodation design. An “empowered investor” is a product of acquisition of relevant information. Hence, we always endeavour to provide an in-depth, nonpartisan, granular analysis of Real Estate dynamism to enhance decision making capability at the investor’s end.

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