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About Us

Foxxymobile Investment Services Limited is also a leading Real Estate Establishment, working across local, national and international markets, delivering unrivalled customer services through the commitment and inspiration of its team. We are a full service Real Estate Company, expanding rapidly with innovative and cutting edge industry trends.We strive to give our clients the highest quality of services and value for their Real Estate investment by providing them with the most sophisticated Real Estate solutions. We continue to maintain our leading role in service delivery- thereby maintaining the interest of our valued clients by staying updated with current events in the property market to ensure we are on the highest standard in efficient service delivery.

Our Services

Foxxymobile Investment Services Limited is an integrated property service company with forte experiences in transnational real estate markets;

Our Services include:

? Design & Home Builder

? BOQ and BOM? Bill of Quantity & Bill of Materials

? Brokerage

? Property Screening & Selection

? Comparative Pricing and Analysis

? Verification and Validation of Transactional Documents

? Due Diligence & Negotiations

? Asset & Facility Management

? Portfolio Management and Optimization

? Occupancy, Service Apartment and Tenant Services

? Syndicated Investments


? Co-ownership of property via equity contributions

? Long Term Yield

? Capital Appreciation

? Collage- Co-Living residence for young professionals and business travelers.

? Our Digital Marketing & Technology Solutions will be used to improve viewing experience.

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