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About Us

At Deluxe Residences we provide best in class quality services and unique locations to our customers. Our philosophy has always centered on our belief that customer should be top priority and to protect their investments. Quality, good services and customer satisfaction is what we are known for.

Our Services

Deluxe Residences is an urban luxury real estate development, investment and management firm. At present our portfolio includes luxury flats, mixed-use developments, terrace houses, high-rise apartments, semi-detached & fully detached houses.
Deluxe Residences takes pride in its ability to locate and acquire economically sound, high-yield investment and development properties. The company relies on its experienced Officers to identify new markets.Our brand is summarized in our vision for new heights in luxury living and our passion for excellence.

From our opulent designs, impeccable taste for quality, selection of a talented team of professionals, we keep our promise by making sure every detail is flawless.

We go beyond building and selling luxury homes to offering a lifetime of posh experiences; we are measured through our sustainable business value that we offer all stakeholders and the experiences we provide to our clients.


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