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9 things to know before moving to Lagos

Living in Lagos can be…fun but most times exhausting. As much as living in the city isn’t rosy and Lagosians are searching for escape plans daily, we can still say there are nice reasons to live in the smallest but most populous city in Nigeria; but there are still numerous things you need to know before moving to Lagos. 

Lagos has the 4th largest economy in Africa, so you can understand why things always seem to be in constant motion and people in ceaseless hustle mode. 

Are you wondering about moving to Lagos anytime soon? Let me give you a summarised view of what you might experience. 


Here are things you need to know before moving to Lagos: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Lagos is very diverse.

Are you looking for a Tiv man? The possibility of finding him in Lagos is very high. You’ll find Yoruba, Igbos, Hausa, Nupe, and any tribe you can think of in the city of Lagos. This also means that any form of tribal prejudice would probably not be praised, but of course, we have special situations. 

Lagos is affordable-ish.

Affordability here is very subjective, as almost everything in Lagos is somewhat overpriced; think houses, groceries, transportation, tuition fees, etc. There’s a saying ‘shoe get size, Okrika get quality’ which simply translates to ‘know your limits. Live within your means. The subjective affordability of Lagos is why you’ll find individuals living 3+ hours away from their places of work (excluding traffic hours). 

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Lagos can break the bank

Public transportation is available.

Transportation in Lagos can also be a hassle, and this is due to numerous reasons but overpopulation tops the list, then bad roads, bad drivers, etc. You would also come across individuals with luxury cars, but there are more affordable means of transportation like the regular-sized yellow buses, you could opt for BRTs, for inner streets, there are keke napeps or motorcycles which give cheaper rates, or better still make use of raid hailing apps like Bolt, Uber, inDriver and the others.

Lagos City
Image of the yellow buses in Lagos.


This should be news, but Lagos is overpopulated. This results in a shortage of amenities like housing, transportation, etc. It always feels like the city is filled to the brim and every one is in haste to get to one place or the other. So if you decide to come, be ready. 

Traffic is a part of Life.

Is it Lagos without traffic? There’s traffic in the morning, afternoon, evening and sometimes at midnight. Most Lagosians are already used to spending long hours in traffic, not normal but it is just like traffic in every other populated city in the world. A great habit to cultivate would be learning to leave home early to give room for the traffic. 

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Lagos Traffic
Traffic Jam in Lagos.


Despite the bubbling nightlife, Lagosians (like other Nigerians) are religious people. The city of Lagos has roughly equal numbers of Muslims and Christians. Most of the mega-churches in the country are located here.

So, don’t be surprised when you encounter megaphones blaring religious messages, and the nearby mosque waking you up at 5 am to pray.

Aside from the religious part of it, you have the local cd seller playing music to attract customers, don’t forget the local bar also has to play loud music to attract customers.

Always ‘shine your eye’.

Lagos is regarded as the city that never sleeps and there’s a reason for that. Everyone is in a rush. So you have to be careful when dealing with people in Lagos and be smart (read street smart). Always take extra precautions. 

It could seem like Lagos is filled with disadvantages, but there are also great reasons to come to Lagos.

The Lagos Job Market is full of opportunities.

The possibility of getting a job in Lagos is relative but achievable, with great skills and sometimes connections, you’ll find a source of income. Although the Country generally struggles with unemployment, the rise of many Tech-enabled companies has created numerous jobs and they are almost always searching for new hires.  

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The Nightlife.

The nightlife in Lagos is probably second to none. People know that as much as Lagosians work hard, they also party hard. So if you’re a lover of fun and cool vibes, you would always be occupied. The best clubs, bars, restaurants, and lounges in Nigeria can be found on the Lagos mainland and Island, some are always open 24 hours a day. There’s just a little advice we can give- don’t get carried away. 

So are you considering Lagos as your next location? You can let, rent or even buy properties with the PropertyProNG platform.

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