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How Similar: Lagos vs New York 

Imagine a place where chaos meets pleasure. Yup! That’s Lagos. Wait does that sound like New York too? Let us discuss the similarities between Lagos and New York city. 

Honestly, Lagos is that very annoying younger brother you still love regardless. It’s hard to hate Lagos because the Lagos lifestyle is one everyone should experience at least once in their life and I think that’s one huge similarity it has with New York City. This is apart from their similar vibrant, exciting, and ever-changing lifestyle. There is a plethora of restaurants, nightlife hotspots, mind-blowing hangout spaces in these cities 

Lagos State is the smallest in Nigeria yet the most populated and popular. Is it just good PR? I don’t think so! Apart from the many horrible things you’ve heard about Lagos, Lagos has proven to be one of the most anticipated destinations in Nigeria. 

Meanwhile, in the USA, brimming with some of the nation’s tallest buildings and historic landmarks, New York City is never behind in being the heart of the nation. For years, it has been the lead in trade and culture, redefining everything from fashion trends to whatever. And of course, just like its sister, Lagos, there are many horrible things said about New York.

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Lagos City
Yellow buses in Lagos.

I sincerely want to believe that the chaos Lagos breeds is one of the most important ingredients of its existence. You would think it should reduce the number of people that move into the state every day. I wish!

The traffic in Lagos has steadily become its brand identity. Every day, you see Lagosians (Lagos residents) wake up by 4 am in a bid to beat traffic and leave the office by 5 pm only to be stuck in traffic till 10 pm. Sometimes we wonder how these people survive. 

New York, like Lagos, is a place of opportunity, which is why – despite the crowds and costs – people keep coming. This is why the people are just as diverse as its communities. 

Fast Paced

Lagos, New York also, is known for its fast-paced, round-the-clock lifestyle, which may be overwhelming for those who are new to it. New York got its name “the city that never sleeps,” because of this, and Lagos, the city of “hustle and bustle” can relate to this. People go to these cities mostly to pursue dreams or achieve a better life.

New York City
New York skies.

There’s a New York adage that says, “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” There’s a similar one in Lagos that says, “if you no fit wise for Lagos, you no fit wise anywhere” which means the same thing. 

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Are our two favorite cities alike? Looking at how affordable housing is an ongoing problem in both cities. You can hardly get the apartment of your choice at the price you budgeted. 


Or is it the Traffic congestion in Lagos which is also now a major problem in New York City, as pedestrian accidents are becoming a concern? 

Whichever it is, we do know that these cities are more alike than they are different, and isn’t it amazing to know that despite all these rants and complaints, they’ll always be one of our favorite cities in the world.


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