Things to Consider Before Renting an Apartment in Lagos.

Despite the daily pace that Lagosians are accustomed to, Lagos is a large and dynamic metropolis. It is Nigeria’s most populated city and the birthplace of many dreams. The thought of living in Lagos as well as renting an apartment is unquestionably thrilling. 

However, finding an apartment for rent in this city can be a challenging task for most people. As many people have heard that hasty decisions of house hunting can lead to months or years of regrets, this is why Lagosians take a lot of time before renting an apartment to avoid swindlers who might take advantage of their ignorance. 

Moving can be hectic and stressful but it is important to know major things not to miss when looking for the type of apartment you want.


Here are the major things to consider when renting an apartment in Lagos:

Consider the location: 

After deciding on the idea of the type of house you want to rent (two-bedroom, a duplex, or a mini-flat) consider the location next. As prices of apartments vary from location to location so does the budget. Location is a key factor in determining how well you will enjoy your new home. Considering the proximity to the road, marketplaces, and even your place of work. 

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Get your budget and stick to it :

Fix a budget after understanding the price range of the location you like. When preparing your budget, including the cost of renting the apartment, cost of renovation, transportation, and so on. Remember to stick to your budget strictly when in your choice of location.

You can also listen and watch an episode of our podcast – Reality Check about ‘The Realities of House Hunting in Nigeria’. 

Look around the neighbourhood:

This is not the same as considering your location but they are similar. Here, you are asking questions about the electricity supply in the neighbourhood. Is it a serene or lousy area? How safe is it? Is it in a gated estate? All these questions and more should be asked when checking for an apartment. Go further to inquire, compare prices of apartments and go for the best deal.

real estate
Nice neighbourhood.

Meet with the landlord:

When taking a tour around the neighbourhood, enquire about the landlord and how tenants are treated. You will meet nice landlords and you will miss otherwise. Agents also like to inflate prices for their gains but meeting with the landlord will help you avoid this.

Find out about tenancy agreement:

This is quite important because anything you sign in your name without reading can be used against you. Before signing any documents relating to property ensure you read well to know what you are going into. 

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Reading through can be boring and exhausting but you can send it through to your lawyer to avoid making any mistakes.

Documents and keys for a home.
Tenancy Agreement.

Ensure it is a secure neighbourhood: 

Ensure there is a guarantee of safety of lives and properties although there isn’t a total guarantee there should be to a reasonable extent. Check windows, burglary proofs, roof, gate, level of security in the estate, and a nearby police station. 

Availability of social amenities:

Basic and social amenities are key to the features of a good neighbourhood. Water supply, electricity supply, good roads, schools, and more. The absence of these basic amenities might be a bit difficult and cause inconvenience for you. 

Always see for yourself and ask questions. 

Collect your receipt:

The last but important as the other eight points. After all, payment has been made, ensure to collect a receipt. The receipt which has your name, the name of the landlord, the date of payment, the amount paid, the location of the property, and the length of time the payment last, all these serves as proof that permits you to stay in your apartment. 

There they are, important things to know before renting an apartment in Lagos. 



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