Alausa: The Seat of Government and Power in Lagos State

Alausa is a major district located in the heart of Ikeja holds most of Lagos State Government’s ministries and parastatals like; the Government House, the House of Assembly, Lands and Housing and more. It is the seat of power of the Lagos State Government. There are several residential buildings in the area which are known to be home to most civil servants. One of the major estates in Alausa is the Royal Estate.
Alausa shares boundary with Oregun and the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. The major road that runs through Alausa is the Obafemi Awolowo Way. Situated in Alausa is the Lagos State Secretariat Mosque, Chapel of Christ the Light, The Savior’s Ministries, International Church of Christ, Harvesters International Christian Centre, Foursquare Gospel Church. Martinos event centre, Imperial Hall, Neca event centre, Regency Hall, LCCI hall are the main event centres in Alausa.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

A lot of government officials and civil servants are found within Alausa’s environs. People can be seen here trying to get to their different destinations and carrying out their day to day activities. Alausa is majorly a business district although there are some residential estates located here.

In Alausa, you find lots of banks such as Guarantee Trust Bank, First Bank, Ecobank, Access Bank. The Lagos State Secretariat Mosque, Alausa Central Mosque, Al-Yusrah Mosque, Chapel of Christ The Light Church, Redeemed Christian Church of God and Foursquare Gospel Church are some of the religious centres in Alausa. 

Alausa is beautified by trees at both ends of the road, well-groomed flowers between the lanes and street lights that light up the streets of Alausa at night. There are also a couple of highly recommended schools in Alausa including Hallmark Schools, Mind Builders Schools, Ivory Music House and others.


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What To Expect

A clean environment which is properly laid out with good road networks, traffic lights and security and is easily accessible are the highlights of Alausa. During the week, a lot of activity happens in Alausa mostly due to the presence of government offices in the area. A lot of shoppers, civil servants, business people flood this area. On Fridays, the Secretariat Mosque in Alausa draws Muslims from all around Ikeja.

The Governor’s office is also a major area of attraction as school children and tourists visit the Governor’s office annually for educational and leisure purposes. There are some other leisure and entertaining spots in Alausa like Mercy Restaurant, Chicken Republic, De Renaissance Hotel, Ikeja City Mall. 

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The Lifestyle

Alausa doesn’t posses the typical bubbling nightlife associated with most areas in Ikeja. The activities that go on here are mostly formal and business-like as most people come into the area to do one form of business activity or the other, from office work to trading. Most residents and visitors enjoy healthy nightlife in other areas that are in proximity to Alausa.

During the day, right after the usual morning traffic congestion, Alausa road is usually less congested as the bulk of the population has moved to their places of work, you only find few cars and public buses on the road. Residential areas in Alausa are found to be quiet and tranquil except on few occasions.


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The Market

There is no central market located in Alausa although there are a good number of small stores lined up on the road.The Ikeja City Mall which houses a large number of shops including popular household brand like Shoprite, some other store here include PEP, MAC cosmetics, Pandora, Casabella, Time Keepers International

Some other malls and markets in proximity to Alausa includes Alade Mall, Maryland Mall and  Oregun Mini Market accounts for its market. People who reside here patronize these malls, stores and markets a lot. 

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You'll Fall In Love With

The serene warm atmosphere that is suitable for leisure makes Alausa an exciting place to live or hang out. A popular place to visit in Alausa is the Ikeja City Mall which attracts lots of people to the area daily. The Ikeja City Mall hosts a lot of shops and fun spots like; Bheerhugz, KFC, Spur, Silverbird Cinemas, Shoprite and much more. Other fun places in Alausa include; the MKO Abiola Gardens and Shopping Complex, the Ndubuisi Kanu Park, De Renaissance Hotel, The place and New Afrika Shrine. 


Ikeja City Mall located in Alausa, Ikeja is one of the biggest malls in Lagos, and it is the largest store on the mainland. In ICM you can shop for anything and everything as there are variety of stores housed here with both local and international brands, the mall is easily accessible and the parking lot is very large. The Silverbird Cinema is located at the upper floor in Ikeja City Mall, other popular stores here includes Shoprite, PEP, Nike, Adidas and so on. The ambience is great, ICM also offers very clean environment and other fun spots such as Rhapsody, Chicken Republic, The Place, KFC. Ikeja City Mall provides customers with a wide array of options to choose from, shopping here can be a great and exciting experience.


Silverbird Cinema  is located in Ikeja City Mall, the most popular mall on the mainland, it offers a cinematic theatre experience, cozy environment, average audio and video quality, they show all the most recent Hollywood and Nollywood movies, and sometimes even Bollywood movies. There’s a variety of drinks and some snacks which can be bought and taken into the cinema halls as food brought from outside is not allowed inside the cinema. Although the quality of customer service could get better, Silverbird Cinema is always a great place to unwind, sit peacefully and enjoy a good movie.


Oceans Basket is a modern restaurant with a very vibrant environment. The restaurant serves sushi, seafood and sharing platters, the menu is pretty diverse and contains a wide range of food and drinks. It is a quiet place in the noisy mall where you can enjoy a fancy romantic date or simply hangout alone or with friends. The staff are mostly courteous, homely and cheerful. Have a sneak peak into Oceans Basket Alausa

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Social Facilities


The Ndubuisi Kanu Park located in Alausa Ikeja was named after Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu by the former governor of Lagos state Babatunde Raji Fashola for recreation and relaxation. The garden park is an amazing place to hangout if you want to enjoy some outdoor freshness. It is a perfect location for picnic with family or friends as the pack offers beautiful gardens, waterfront, sporting facilities, children playground, sitting spot, restrooms, a good number of vendors who sell food and drinks.  Ndubuisi Kanu Park is quite a sizable outdoor leisure spot, guess what? One of the main attractions is the free wifi that visitors enjoy at the park.


De Renaissance Hotel is in proximity to the Ndubuisi Kanu Park and Murtala Muhammad International Airport. It is strategically located in the heart of Ikeja, the hotel offers amenities such as an outdoor pool, bars, spacious parking lot, laundry service, business centre, gym, many others. De Renaissance Hotel has large and comfortable guest rooms, one of the notable things about the hotel is the friendly and helpful staff who are ready to attend to you without delay.


New Afrika Shrine is a one of the most energetic places in Ikeja located in the bustling Alausa. Are you in Ikeja and need a place to enjoy open-air entertainment? Well New Afrika Shrine has got you covered full time. It is the host location for Felabration Music Festival with lots of performances, dancers and other entertaining activities. You find a rich blend of people in the New Afrika Shrine, it could be quite rowdy in here but residents and visitors in Alausa enjoy all the fun anyway.

social facilities

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