Coker is a residential neighbourhood in Surulere which differs from Coker Road in Ilupeju mainly because of its location. It is very close to Orile and in fact, some parts of Orile are called Coker Road. Coker, herself is sometimes referred to as Orile-Coker. Coker is a fairly serene neighbourhood which is strategically located and is also one of the best places to live in Lagos. The roads are motorable and the power supply in Coker is fair. Most landlords provide water for their residents via boreholes. Coker is an affordable location and a good place to raise children in Lagos.

Coker plays host community to a number of schools, worship centres, and hotels. Some of the schools in the Coker area are; Smac College, Gracewell Academy, Penny Private School, and Coker Secondary School among others. There is also a Home Economics Centre in Coker. 

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Most of the residents of Coker are middle class Nigerians. The neighbourhood is serene, almost free from noise, chaos, crisis and street fights. The residents are a blend of working class people, entrepreneurs and artisans which vary in age. There is a lifestyle of individualism within the neighbourhood. Coker is arguably one of the best places to raise children and build families in Surulere generally. 

The roads in the neighbourhood are motorable but narrow as a result of cars and some trucks packed along the road, however, the drainage channels are properly covered which reduces the risk of flood in the neighbourhood. Coker is a calm and quiet area away from the every busy and bustling lifestyle experienced in some other areas in Surulere.

What To Expect

Coker is a serene neighbourhood, strategically located and highly accessible. The people of Coker are well cultured. The residents are also interested in spiritual activities as there are a number of worship centres in the neighbourhood. Some of which include St Michael’s Anglican Church Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries, Our Lady of Lourdes, The Apostolic Church, First Baptist Church and others. Expect 

The Lifestyle

Coker may not offer excellent shopping and dining option as seen in areas like Adeniran Ogunsanya, however, the neighbourhood definitely boast of a good amount of serenity, notable schools, worship centers and nice hotels. For residents who do not own a car, there are other options of boarding mini buses, tricycles (Keke Maruwa), taxis, motorbikes (Okada) to get around.

The Market

The Coker market has a large number of perishable and non-perishable goods for sale. There are also a number of services provided by those who have shops in the market complex. Some of the companies here are; Aquaklin Pool Nigeria Limited, Kovarite Aluminium Limited, Aniks Technical Merchants and O J George Nigeria Limited. Agric Market is located at Coker. There are also a number of shops that sell building materials at Coker market.

You'll Fall In Love With

Some of the hotels in Coker includes Des Hotel Limited, Rex Hotel, Fimarino Plaza Motel, and Sunderland Hotel 1 and 2. Other fun places here are bars, Suya spots restaurants.


Rex Hotel is situated on Coker Road, Coker, Surulere. The hotel offers good accommodation services which provides guests a memorable stay. The hotel rooms are spacious and comfortable, the rooms are also equipped with basic needs, all at an affordable price. Rex Hotel offers an interesting nightlife, some  residents and visitors in the neighbourhood enjoy their leisure time here with friends and family.


Social Facilities


SMAC College (St Michael Anglican Church) started after some men and women of God envisioned it in 2001 and all academic activities took place in the church hall pending when the school’s building would be completed as it was under construction at the time. The school was approved in 2007 both for the junior and senior secondary  school. SMAC College is a notable and highly recommended school in the neighbourhood.

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