Gbaja is an exclusive residential neighbourhood in Surulere. This area has a special hospital, a shopping mall, event centres as well as shopping centres. The road network in Gbaja is very good and the power supply is fair. The neighbourhood is serene and most of the buildings here are gated.

With a good number of affordable schools such as; Gbaja Girls Junior High Secondary School, Gbaja Boys High School, Onitolo Community High School, Gbaja Primary School, and Salvation Army Primary School, Gbaja has proven to be a place where people raise children. Maternal & Child Centre(MCC), Randle General Hospital, was moved to Gbaja a few years ago. Their superb services have made Gbaja one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Surulere.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

The residents of Gbaja are majorly middle-class Nigerians belonging to different age groups. A good number of civil servants live here. Gbaja residents are a blend of working class Lagosians and artisans. The cost of living in Gbaja is not as expensive as that of the Lagos Island, check out for properties for sale of rent in Gbaja, SurulereGovernor Babatunde Raji Fashola (Former Governor of Lagos State) handed over the Fifth Maternal And Child Care Hospital on February 2, 2012. The hospital has 110 Bed capacity. Optimal Specialist Hospital, Gbaja Health Care Centre and St Anthony Catholic Church Gbaja are landmarks in  Gbaja

What To Expect

The standard of living in Gbaja is affordable and the environment is quite serene. Gbaja is strategically located. Some Lagosians who work on the Island live in this neighbourhood and they are comfortable with it. With top notch medical services, Gbaja is a good real estate location in Lagos. For those who work in business districts in the Island, Gbaja is 25 minutes away from Victoria Island via the Eko Bridge and approximately 40 minutes from Ikoyi, Lagos. 

The Lifestyle

If you intend to live in the neighbourhood, you should get ready to enjoy the peaceful lifestyle of people here as Gbaja is more of a residential hub. For those that do not own a personal car, there are taxis, motorbikes (Okada) and tricycles popularly known as Keke Maruwa to help you get around the neighbourhood and beyond.

At night, Gbaja is lighten up with streetlights that makes the road, flowers and trees look more beautiful. Residents of the area as well as visitors get to hang out in some leisure spots within the neighbourhood and in Surulere generally.

The Market

The Gbaja Ultra Modern market commissioned in 2011 by the Babatunde Raji Fashola led administration is a market that provides for the basic needs of the residents. The market serves Gbaja residents well with its provision of food items, clothing, and exclusive services. There are also shops, kiosks, and a few hawkers readily available to provide goods and services to the Gbaja residents. Some other supermarkets and markets in Surulere include Lawanson Market, Orile Mini Evening Market, Gbaja Shopping Mall, Kilo Market, Ijeshatedo Market, Census Market, Aguda Market, Kings Supermarket, Best Buy Supermarket, Best Choice Supermarket, Jerdell Supermarket, Source Supermarket

You'll Fall In Love With

There are a number of recreational centres within the neighbourhood of Gbaja. With a number of bars and Suya spots, Gbaja is a place to be at night. Cakes and Pastries, Event and Entertainment company are located in Gbaja. Lakeem Hotel in Adeniran Ogunsanya is also close to Gbaja.

Social Facilities


Optimal Specialist Hospital is situated at 9, Gbaja Street, Opposite St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Gbaja. The hospital provides optimal healthcare at affordable prices in the community and beyond. Some of their services include general medical services, surgical services, child care services, ultrasound services and others. Check out Optimal Specialist Hospital, Gbaja, Surulere


Onitolo Community High School was started in September, 1980. The school has a prototype building of 12 different classrooms. Residents of Gbaja enjoy the advantage of having a community school within the neighbourhood. A good number of children in the area are enrolled in this school.

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