Karimu Kotun is a commercial area with a few residential spheres in Victoria Island. The neighbourhood is serene and it is a place to be. Karimu Kotun as an upscale neighbourhood prides in a motorable road network and a fair supply of power. The cost of renting a property in Karimu Kotun is high because is it the hub of affluent Nigerians. There are also perfect amazing fun places to visit in the neighbourhood. However, Karimu Kotun is a very good place to do business as it promises good proceeds for business owners because of her strategic location.

Karimu Kotun hosts a number of well-known companies which include Regus – Lagos, Africa Reinsurance, Landmark Virtual Offices, Insularealtors, Siotel, today’s Estate Property, Bernardhall Nigeria Limited. Beth Modeling Agency, Bankers Warehouse Plc and Dan-dealer Enterprises among others. Choice Dental is the major medical centre in Karimu Kotun.

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  • Phillips
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  • Akin Adesola
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  • Plaza 307
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  • Toyota
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  • Saka Tinubu
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  • Eko Hotel
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  • Tiamiyu Savage

Around the block

The Neighbours

Karimu Kotun is the workplace of the middle-class and home to the upper class Nigerians. The neighbourhood has a warm ambience of wealth and styles as the majority of the residents possess most of the beautiful and recent cars in Lagos. There is a predominant lifestyle of individualism dominant in the neighbourhood.

What To Expect

The neighbourhood is serene with a warm and luxurious ambience. Karimu Kotun is the home of Nigerian elites and upper-class Nigerians. The neighbourhood thrives in a lifestyle of the wealthy and affluent people it attracts. In Karimu Kotun, class in everything. The main type of lifestyle practised here is that of individualism.

The Market

Supermart.ng an online shopping store is located in the Karimu Kotun neighbourhood. Karimu Kotun residents can also make purchases from the few supermarkets and street shops. The area is also in close proximity to the new Oniru market. There are also a number of boutiques in the neighbourhood.

You'll Fall In Love With

Some of the best fun spots, places to wine, dine and enjoy a unique atmosphere are located in Karimu Kotun. If you want to have the real definition of fun, why not visit some of Karimu Kotun’s fun palaces listed here; Talindo Steak House Restaurant, Monty Buffet, Talindo Steak House LTD ( Restaurant ), Cafe Tranche, Ebibi Lounge, Marco Polo Chinese Restaurant, Prive Restaurant & Lounge, Nine Plus Hotel, Rooftop Bar and Restaurant and Nine Plus Boutique Hotel among others.

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