Kilo Surulere is a residential neighbourhood which is one of the most popular areas in Surulere. It is also part of the areas in Surulere listed on the popular Dr Sid’s Surulere (remix) by Wizkid. Apart from its popularity, Kilo is a serene and cool environment to live in Lagos. The road network in Kilo is good as the roads are well laid out. The power supply here is fair and the cost of renting a flat is between 650,000 NGN to 1,200,000 NGN. Most of the houses within Kilo neighbourhood are gated.

There are a number of worship centres, schools and hotels in Kilo. Some of the Schools in Kilo are; Onward High School, Toreny Foundation Nursery & Primary School, Al Adab Nursery And Primary School, and Evaron School among others. Freedom City Church, TREM Surulere Eagle Centre,  Royal Parish (RCCG) and are worship centres in Kilo. Abdul Wahab Folawiyo Central Mosque located in Masha is also a worship centre the residents go to for prayers.

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The Neighbours

The residents of Kilo are a blend of elites, entrepreneurs and artisans. A few of the lecturers who work at the higher institutions in Yaba live at Kilo. A number of undergraduates also live here. Those who have white collar jobs are not left out as residents of Kilo. The residents have different cultures and beliefs. Some streets in Kilo include Adeniyi Street, Bello Street, Durojaiye Street, Nnobi Street. There are street lights on most of the roads which come on at night and lighten up the neighbourhood. 

What To Expect

Expect to see a cool and peaceful neighbourhood which is a good place to raise children. The houses are well built and the provision of water is majorly through personal boreholes. Kilo is strategically located and it is for sure one of the best places to live in Surulere. Also expect to see good roads that are laid out properly, mostly tarred, motorable and offers good interconnection. 

The Lifestyle

One of the most popular places in Kilo is the Kilo bus stop. It is one of the busiest places in Surulere with lots of activities from residents and visitors trying to use the ATMs line up at the bus stop, roadside sellers hailing for customers, noise from traffic and rough driving as well as other shops and lots more. Kilo bus stop is mostly rowdy, people easily get robbed  as the popular stop records a number of criminal activities during the day and at night.

Aside Kilo bus stop, the streets in the neighbourhood experiences serenity especially during work hours. The area is a good option for those who work in business districts on the Island as Kilo is about 26 minutes from Victoria Island via the Eko Bridge and approxiately 30 minutes from Ikoyi, Lagos.

The Market

There is no central market in Kilo neighbourhood but there are a number of supermarkets there. Some of them are Jerdell Supermarket and the Source Supermarket amongst others. There are also a number of shops and kiosks in the neighbourhood that sell basic items to the residents. Some other markets and supermarkets in Surulere include Aguda Market, Ojuelegba Market, Oponri Market, Ijesha Market, Masha Fruit Farmer Market, Shoprite, Leisure Mall, Best Buy Supermarket, Best Choice Supermarket. 

You'll Fall In Love With

Nkechi Restaurant, Precious Restaurant, Finicky Restaurant, and Mama Koko Bar are restaurants in Kilo. There are also a few Suya spots and shawarma spots in certain corners in the neighbourhood. These are more are sources of recreation for Kilo residents. Kilo Bar And Lounge is also a fun spot in the neighbourhood. Kilo Hotels and Bimerks Hotel & Suites are the major hotels in Kilo.


Finicky Restaurant is favourably located in Surulere at the popular, busy and rowdy Kilo Bus stop. It is almost impossible to miss this fast food restaurant when driving or walking through the neighbourhood via the bus stop. The fast food outlet specializes majorly in the sale of different types of Nigerian dishes, there is also a sharwama outlet in front of the building owned by Finicky Restaurant. It is a great hangout spot to enjoy a quick bite or a nice meal.


Kilo Lounge and Bar is situated in Kilo Hotels, Kilo, Surulere, Lagos. Drinks and snacks are sold at affordable prices. The lounge and bar is a nice place to relax after the day’s work, both guests from Kilo Hotels and residents or visitors who just want to have fun, come around. The sitting arrangement and customer service is quite impressive. Kilo Lounge and Bar is a known hangout spot in the neighbourhood.

Social Facilities


Evaron School which started in 1996 is a christian school with doesn’t only educate pupils to stand out in their academics but also inculcates high moral standards in them. The school uses a curriculum with encompasses the Nigerian, British, American and Montessori teaching guidelines. The teachers are well trained and qualified, Evaron School also makes use of proper teaching aids and other facilities in bringing out the best in a child. Some of the extra curricular activities in the school includes Literary/debating, Chess, French, Red cross., Taekwando, Boys scout.



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