Osborne Foreshore Estate in Ikoyi is a luxury residential hub on the Lagos Island. The highbrow estate has always attracted the creme de la creme. The estate has endeared many due to her strategic location and commercial spheres in the estate. The road network here is motorable. The street and the houses are decorated with trees. There are also street lights in this estate. The houses in this estate are uniquely built as most of the houses are gated. There are major one storey buildings in the estate, bungalows and very few detached buildings.

Osborne Estate is well secured with uniformed men at the gate and strategic locations in the estate. The estate possesses a lot of modern facilities that aid the comfort of the residents. The drainage system here is well channelled. Osborne Foreshore Estate is one of the most expensive places to live in Lagos. The neighbourhood is partitioned in closes, courts and streets so we have streets like Udi Street and Kebbi Street here. Apartments here are named like; Southgate House and Beatrice Court.

Companies in this estate are; International Maritime & Shipping Ltd, Digital Jewels Limited, Heights Access Nigeria Limited, Natanel Florens, Nnabude Industries Nigeria Limited, Sage Software Nigeria, Fragend, Oil and Gas,Sparkwest Steel Industries Limited, Kimeric Nigeria Limited, Shinlila Nivas, Spaceweb Consulting Limited, Pat Obianwu and Co’s Place,Samrose Agro-Industrial Company Ltd, Jevkon Oil & Gas and Westcom Technologies & Energy Services Ltd among others. Prominent hospitals here are; Hanoba Medical Centre and Premium Health Limited. Tender Loving Child Care, TLS School and Footsteps Nursery School are the popular schools here. The major worship centre is The Redeemed Christian Church of God.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Osborne Foreshore Estate residents are affluent Nigerians. These residents are business moguls, oil company workers, Real Estate landlords, senior civil servants and expatriates. The houses are built with gates to aid the notion of privacy of the Osborne people. The houses here are mostly similar and uniform in appearance from building design, painting and finishing. Osoborne Foreshore Estate is a sought-after residential location in Ikoyi with a good number of family homes, especially for high income earners who like a blend of luxury, comfort and serenity, the estate is arguably one of the most expensive residential locations in Lagos. There are streetlights lined up on the road and within the streets in the estate, the road is wide, tarred and well maintained, there is also provision for green space as you can spot tall trees along the road. 

What To Expect

The estate offers so much to love and look forward to in the neighbourhood. The estate is safe and secured as there is no history record of criminal activities here. Right from the entrance, there are armed security guards who carryout routine checks before visitors are allowed access into the estate, you can also spot some unarmed guards within. Expect good drainage system and clean drainage channels, well built houses (mostly duplexes) and some undeveloped lands in some places within the estate. Osborne Estate is in proximity to Victoria Island, however, during rush hour on the Island, it takes longer to get there.

The Lifestyle

Osborne Foreshore Estate is an opulent area in Ikoyi and a hub for social elites. It is a prime spot for upper class families seeking to raise their children in a quiet neighbourhood and yet maintain a luxury lifestyle. Most residents prepare to live a private lifestyle as all the houses are fenced and gated, the estate amenities is maintained by a central management authority in the estate. There are some high-end hotels within the estate where residents can relax after a hard day’s work or during the weekend as well some other fun places a few minutes drive from the estate.

The Market

Osborne Foreshore Estate has no major markets within the neighbourhood. There are just a few supermarkets here since the neighbourhood is majorly residential. There are a number of road side shops close to the estate but not inside the market. Some supermarkets and malls within the vicinity are, Ikoyi Mall, SPAR, Palms Shopping Mall, Renee Supermarket, Pee’s Galleria Shopping Mall, Banana Island Shopping Mall among others.

You'll Fall In Love With

The major recreational park located within Osborne Foreshore Estate is called Ospora Recreational Park. There is also a number of other places where residents of Osborne Estate can unwind. Some of them are; Dessert Club, Three Arms, Limeridge Hotel, Aries Suites, Jade Court Hotel, Springpark Yaad Hotels and Tours and Foreshore Harbours.


Three Arms is a well built hotel situated at 14 Royal Palm Drive in Osborne Foreshore Estate Phase 2, Ikoyi, Lagos. The location of the hotel makes it easily accessible and in proximity to the city centre, it is about 28 km from Murtala Muhammed International Airport and a few minutes drive from  Freedom Park Lagos. The Three Arms Hotel is a blend of luxury and comfort, the rooms here are convenient and well equipped, some of the facilities available to guests include, restaurant, bar/lounge area, free parking, gym and fitness club, babysitting and child service, picnic area, swimming pool, golf course, multilingual staff, business room and meeting room.  It is a good choice for travelers as well as corporate bodies seeking a serene envirnoment to hold a meeting. Check out http://www.threearms.com.ng/


Limeridge Hotel

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