Parkview estate is a premium Estate nestled in the heart of the highbrow Ikoyi axis. The neighbourhood features luxury houses that are built to the taste of her wealthy residents. Parkview is one of the most popular estates in Ikoyi alongside with Dolphin and Osborne Estates. The road network here is motorable and the power supply is good. Parkview is a gated estate that is well secured (with uniformed men) and serene. Parkview Estates provides modern facilities that aid the comfort of her residents. There are exquisite properties for rent and for sale in this location. These properties offer fantastic value for money. The estate is very neat (there are cleaners in the estate) and the houses are well built and maintained. The estate is an attractive location for residential real estate. The neighbourhood is so serene that most buildings here range from detached buildings to flats, duplexes and bungalows. There are street lights that illuminate the neighbourhood at night. The estate is portioned in roads instead of streets.

Companies here include; Nacog Technology and Investment Limited, Bluechip Technologies Limited, Edwardian Court and Domart Group of Companies. Popular schools in this estate are; Posh Babies and Kids School, Brownsville College and Greenwood House School. The prominent hospital here is Faces n Braces dental clinic. The major worship centre is Anglican Church of the Nativity.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Parkview residents are very rich and affluent Nigerians. Most of them are business moguls, oil workers, multinational company workers and senior civil servants. The building in the estate reflex affluence. Thus, most properties here are luxury properties and serviced apartments.

What To Expect

Parkview Estate is the hub of the crème de la crème. The neighbourhood is serene, peaceful and it is a good place to raise children. There are unique places to unwind here. The neighbourhood is strategically located to allow residents access other parts of Lagos easily.

The Market

Parkview Estate has no major market within the neighbourhood but there are a few supermarkets close to the estate. There are also a few markets in close proximity with Parkview Estate. The Gwa mammy market, the Ijeh market and the Falomo market are markets where residents can purchase goods and services. Parkview Astoria supermarket is a major shopping hub here.

You'll Fall In Love With

The fun hub at the right side of Parkview Estate immediately after entering the gate is a prominent relaxation spot. This mini hub features exquisite restaurants, shops and bars. The major hotel here is Parkview Astoria Hotel. The hotel is an exquisite hub to unwind and experience from. Other places include; Pearl Court Residence & Hotels, Upper-Class Suites, Tae Suites, Soteria Hotel And Resorts Limited among others.

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