Victoria Garden City “VGC” is an high end residential neighbourhood in Lekki. The neighbourhood is partitioned in closes and roads. The houses in VGC are identified in alphabets and numbers e.g House A112. VGC boasts of a good drainage system, motorable roads and a special shuttle that conveys people to and from the Estate. VGC can be accessed via one major gate although, there is an emergency exit gate. VGC has two parks within the neighbourhood and a major playground called Parks. There are places earmarked strictly for religious activities and commercials in the area.

Chrisland Schools, Russell International School, Dexter Kids Music Academy, Gordon Basketball Academy and Canterbury International School are the popular schools in VGC. Companies in VGC include; CDV Properties and Development LTD, H.F.P Engineering Nigeria Limited, Ipfy Music and Bookstores, Johnbull Amayaevbo and Company, VGC Water Resources Limited, Rennies Supermarket, Tegali Beauty Salon, Eagles Auto Connect, Diamond Associated Systems Limited, E-Work Communication Limited, Geraar Valley Technologies, Joetech Computer World, First Standard Insurance Brokers and Almonds and Vanilla Confectionery among others. The prominent hospitals in VGC are Baefem Specialist Hospital, Oraldent Dental Clinic, Blanche Dental Clinic, Smiley Dental Clinic, Brentwood Apartments and Rubicon Eye Clinic. Catholic Church of the Transfiguration, The Foursquare Church and VGC Islamic Community Mosque are the major worship centres in VGC.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

Victoria Garden City is located along the Lekki-Epe Expressway, the neighbourhood is both a residential and commercial area. Most of the residents of VGC are upper class Nigerians. The houses in VGC are built in unique styles, having majorly detached duplexes with boys quarters (BQ). The boys quarters is the abode of middle-class bachelors and spinsters. The major building usually belongs to upper-class families. The estate is beautified with trees and flowers. 

Victoria Garden City is an urban community, owned and managed by a construction company called HFP Engineering. The estate is gated and well secured, with security officers checking cars as they come in. Visitors are only allowed into the estate without proper security checks and the visitor’s tag although there has been few cases of failed robbery attempts. VGC is a known to be a safe and serene neighbourhood, it is also home to lots of social elites in Lagos.

The streets of VGC are clean and beautiful, houses here are well-built, uniform and well-maintained.  Electricity supply in VGC is provided by EKDC as in other areas in Lekki. Are you interested in acquiring a property in Victoria Garden City? You can visit to get a comprehensive list of properties available for sale or rent in VCG or get in contact with experienced real estate agents to best advice on the type of property to purchase. You can also sell your own property on this platform.

What To Expect

VGC is a serene and peaceful neighbourhood in the Lekki-Ajah Axis. VGC is highly accessible as the roads are good, it is just a few minutes drive from Chevron and Lekki. VGC is one of the best places to live in Lekki. Expect to see armed patrol officers and security men in the estate. The community is comprised of modern infrastructure including good road network and well covered drainage system, pedestrian walkways, constant water supply and water treatment. Housed within the estate are schools, banks, ATM machines, recreational parks and a shopping complex. 

During peak hours, it takes approximately 2 hours to get to business districts like Victoria Island. These rush hours begin in the morning from the hours of 6:30 am through to 9 am when work starts in earnest, after this hours, the road becomes free and it takes less than 40 minutes to get to VI. The next peak period starts during the early hours of the evening when corporate workers and others are returning home from work.

Raining seasons in VGC doesn’t turn out good at all because despite the good drainage systems on both sides of the road, the area experiences terrible flooding especially when there is heavy downpour. Flood in VGC leaves many choice vehicles submerged in rising water, the streets are also completely swamped in water. During this period, residents and visitors find it difficult to manoeuvre through a long stretch of flood, especially passage through the entrance due to the depression. This also results in low rate of property appreciation in Victoria Garden City


The Lifestyle

Living in VGC is perfect for those who like a peaceful, serene, safe and beautiful neighbourhood. The lifestyle here is urbane, fancy and quiet. Residents like to keep to themselves and the gated houses makes it quite easier. Residents of VGC move around with their private cars or taxis, public buses and motor bikes are not allowed within the estate. The presence of top bars, restaurants, and lounges make the nightlife is VGC fun and entertaining. Some of the hotspots in VGC includes  VGC ClubDomino Pizza, Nicon Hotel, Legend Bar among others.

The Market

The Ikota Shopping Complex is in proximity for VGC residents. There are also major supermarkets in the neighbourhood which include Adosec Venture, Broadview Trade Ltd., Ebeano Supermarket and Mallmart SuperMarket. The estate itself houses no major market, although these stores nestled here make up largely for the market. Other markets in proximity to VGC are Ajah Market, Jakande Market, Lekki Market. 

You'll Fall In Love With

The VGC club is the major fun spot in the neighbourhood. Fun activities like swing and sports are enjoyed here. Nicon Hilton hotel, Pent hall, Nicon Hotels Limited, Le Real Hotel, Cake Plus, Tanq’s Food Limited, Pizza King, Sphinx Oriental Fast Food, Divine Global Foods, Kokos Cuisine, Shalom Food, Slicks Bar and Club, Nymph Suites, KDT Hotels and Suites and Dalo’s Chinese are prominent fun spots in VGC.


Slick Bar And Club is an interesting bar and nightclub nestled in VGC. It is a cozy place to catch a great meal, hangout with friends, enjoy a football gam  have a quick meeting or party at night at the club. The customer service is good and the ambience is nice as well. One of the strong point of Slick Club is the rooftop bar that provides a lovely view and fresh air. Housed in here is a restaurant, car wash, and a spa. It is one of the prominent leisure spots in Victoria Garden City.


Nicon Hotel is located at Road 2, VGC, KM 22, Lekki-Epe Expressway Lagos, the hotel offers convenient and comfortable rooms, reaching all the requirements of a good hotel room. Nestled in the beautiful and luxurious Victoria Garden City, Nicon Hotel ensures guest have an enjoyable and memorable stay by paying quality attention to details and suggestions. The environment is well decorated, clean and attractive, guest also get to enjoy a serene and quiet stay. It is a great place to hang out with family for the weekend as accommodation here is quite affordable depending on the package you desire.


Tanq’s Food Limited is located at Plot 17 Road 12, Victoria Garden City. It is a cool spot where residents and visitors come around to enjoy delicious local meals and chilled drinks. Tang Food offers great Nigerian cuisine, good ambience and a clean environment.


Legend Hotel & Bar is housed in Victoria Garden City, the place is pure pleasure and cruise. There is usually a large crowd here especially at night, so if you are a fan of lively places with so many people this should be your spot. Legend Hotel & Bar offers great entertainment, as there is a lovely musical performance in the bar on weekends making it a perfect hangout spot. You can also enjoy the sit out bar if it gets too crowded inside although there is no cover for rain.

Social Facilities


Critical Rescue International is a top-class hospital in VGC doubling as the first national advanced medical paramedic company in Nigeria. They provide services such as emergency communication services, pre-hospital and hospital emergency care, managing all kinds of emergencies. CRI leverages on technology and technological advancement to provide healthcare products that are customer centric and wellness oriented.


VCG Club is a ultra modern recreational club located in the beautiful Victoria Garden City with multi-facilities for entertainment, health and recreation in a safe and secure environment. Some of the facilities available includes body fitness, massage & spa, Konnes Tennis Cafe, Outdoor sports, music, eatery, indoor sports and others. VGC Club is a great place to enhance your health, fitness and relaxation status as they offer professional manpower. Residents and visitors also seize it as a opportunity to socialize and widen their business network. 

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