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7 Best Nigerian Gate Designs

The best Nigerian gate designs more often than not belong to the rich and affluent, especially celebrities with lavish and extravagant lifestyle. Some middle-class persons who wouldn’t mind their homes being the talk of the town have also been known to install beautiful gate designs.

Gates are very useful access controls as well as design features. If you’ve got a home with access issues or security issues, gates are exactly what you need to deal with those issues. You can find yourself dealing with some interesting possibilities for design, too, and it’s a good idea to get advice from fencing contractors about what’s possible.


Whatever sort of property or premises you have, gates provide a range of useful options from making sure the driveway is clear to adding extra security and safety at access points as well as providing good continuity of design with fencing and landscaping.

A newly built home is not complete without adding the gates. There are different types of gate designs and materials to choose from as well. You have a choice between the wood, aluminium and ornamental iron not to mention the choices of gate designs to choose from. The prices of gates in Nigeria varies depending on the material and design.

Below are the 7 best Nigerian gate designs


1. Ornamental Gate Design

rnamental Gate Design

The ornamental gate design is a perfect gated entrance design for people who love to make decorative appeals to their guests. They are usually made from either steel or aluminium. Precise dimensions of the components utilised by the manufacturer including wall thickness of the components are of utmost important if strength and security are expected from an ornamental gate. In order to give an attractive and impressive look, you need to install gates with good designs that suit your building.

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2. Automatic Gate Design

Automatic Gate Design

Automatic gates are used mostly by the wealthy and affluent people. Sometimes, you may find an automatic gate at the entrance of business places. This type of gates is normally installed by professionals and sometimes have boxes in which you must speak into before entrance can be granted. Swing gates and sliding gates are the most commonly installed type of automatic gates. They can be quite costly depending upon the gate that you choose for your home or business.

In order for your gate to open automatically, you must purchase an opening system such as a swing system, slide gate opener or a barrier gate opener. These gates can be self-installed but if you are not familiar with the installation then it may be better to hire a professional. These professional companies give customer consultation from start to finish. They deal with production, installation, repair and maintenance work along with a range of other services.


3. Fenced Gate Design

Fenced Gate Design

Fenced gates are gates that usually blend in style with the rest of a fence and landscape. Most of the beautiful fences in Nigeria are built in this manner. Many of the beautiful house fence designs in Nigeria can be seen in the expensive cities in the country. One can literarily see through this type of gate design. It is rapidly becoming a popular Nigerian gate design. Almost all the shopping malls in Nigeria have the fenced gate type of design. The cost of fencing a plot in Nigeria and the incessant change in price is not much of an issue with a fenced gate design. This type of gate design is usually advised for only secured areas with little or no crime rate.

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4. Giant Gate Design

Giant Gate Design

The Giant gate design is usually built for entrance to cathedrals, villas, estates, parks, gardens and majestic home buildings such as mansions. However, a giant gate design can add a decorative appeal to a bland or simple house.

5. Single or Double Gate Design

Single or Double Gate Design

The single or double gate design is an option for all the other types of gate designs. Most automatic gates especially the ones that slide are usually single gate designs. A double gate design is the most appropriate for an automatic gate that swings. 

6. Steel Gate Design

Steel Gate Design

Steel Gates are the best option when security is concerned. Steel gates can not only be aesthetically pleasing but also offer additional benefits of protection and security because they are usually solid and unyielding. Some steel gate designs in Nigeria are similar to the Kenyan gate designs. Being the Giant of Africa and most populous African country, some have argued those gates to be Nigerian gates in Kenya.

7. Aluminum Gate Design

Aluminium gate design

Aluminium Gates have the strong attribute of being resistant to rusting. If a gate is to be located in a highly corrosive environment, such as one that is exposed to salt water, aluminium is the best option.


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Gates last practically forever, and may not need replacing for the life of the buildings they service. The shape and size of gates vary depending on the architectural style of the building. The design would also vary depending on its function.

Before choosing a gate design, you need to ask a few questions. Do you need a gate that locks or one that automatically closes or opens? Do you need a gate that can be seen through? Do you need a special design that matches the architectural style of the building? Do you have limited space around the gate area for it to open? Do you need a single gate or a double gate? Should it be a gate that swings or a gate that slides?

What type of gate designs in Nigeria are you used to? Please, share with us.



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