Ahoada West is a Local Government Area in Rivers State, Nigeria, located northwest of Port Harcourt. It was extracted in 1996 from the old Ahoada Local Government that makes up the present Orashi Region of Rivers State. Its seat is in the town of Akinima.

The Local Government Area comprises the Ekpeyes (Ubies and Ibuduyas), Engenni and Ogbogolo communities. Thus there are three distinct languages namely Ekpeye, Engenni and Ogbogolo.

The Orashi River criss-crosses the entire Local Government area and its vegetation is mainly a high dense rain forest. Thus the occupations of the people are mainly farming, fishing, and hunting. The Local Government Area is bounded by Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area, Abua/Odual Local Government Area, Ahoada East Local Government Area on the east we have Besini and Yenagoa both of Bayelsa State on the North and West respectively. The boundary between Rivers and Bayelsa states from the west is located at Engenni.

The population of Ahoada West is estimated to be around 350,000 people. The majority of the people are Christians, but there is also a small Muslim minority. The main language spoken in Ahoada West is Ekpeye, but there are also a significant number of people who speak Engenni and Ogbogolo.

The economy of Ahoada West is based on agriculture, fishing, and oil and gas. The main crops grown in the area are cassava, plantain, and yam. The people of Ahoada West are also known for their fishing skills. The area is also home to a number of oil and gas wells, which provide a significant source of income for the local government.

Ahoada West is a developing area, and the government is working to improve the infrastructure and services in the area. The government is also working to promote tourism in the area, and there are a number of historical and cultural sites that are worth visiting.

Here are some additional facts about Ahoada West:

* The name “Ahoada” is derived from the word “Aho”, which means “big”.
* The area is home to a number of natural resources, including oil, gas, and timber.
* Ahoada West is a rapidly developing area, and it is home to a number of new businesses and industries.

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