Esan Central Local Government Area (LGA) is located in Edo State, Nigeria. It is one of the eighteen LGAs in the state and is home to several towns and villages, including Irrua, Uromi, and Ewu. Here are some important facts about Esan Central LGA.

Language: The major language spoken in Esan Central LGA is Esan. Economy: Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy in Esan Central LGA. The area is known for its production of crops such as cassava, yam, maize, and rice. There is also a significant presence of small-scale businesses and cottage industries.

Education: Esan Central LGA is home to several educational institutions, including the Federal College of Education (Technical) in Eha-Amufu and the Ambrose Alli University in Ekpoma. Culture: The people of Esan Central LGA have a rich cultural heritage, with various traditional festivals and ceremonies, such as the Igue Festival and the Ugie Erha Oba Festival.

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