Idemili South is a local government area in Anambra State, Nigeria. It is one of the 21 local government areas that make up the state. Idemili South is located in the southeastern part of Nigeria and shares boundaries with other local government areas such as Idemili North, Nnewi North, Nnewi South, and Ihiala.The headquarters of Idemili South is located in the town of Nnewi, which is a major economic and industrial center in the area. Nnewi is renowned for its industrial activities and is often referred to as the “Japan of Africa” due to its numerous manufacturing and industrial establishments.Idemili South is predominantly inhabited by the Igbo ethnic group, who are the dominant ethnic group in the southeastern part of Nigeria. The people engage in various economic activities such as trading, agriculture, and manufacturing.In terms of infrastructure, Idemili South has a network of roads connecting the various towns and communities within the local government area. Nnewi, in particular, is well-developed with modern amenities including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, markets, and industries.Idemili South is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and industrial prowess. The area is home to a wide range of industries including automobile manufacturing, motorcycle assembly, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and food processing. This industrial presence has contributed to the economic growth and development of the area, providing employment opportunities and attracting investments.Additionally, Idemili South has a vibrant cultural heritage. The people celebrate various cultural festivals and ceremonies, showcasing their traditions, music, dance, and artistic expressions. These cultural events promote and preserve the local customs and traditions of the community.Overall, Idemili South is an important part of Anambra State, contributing significantly to the economic and industrial development of the state. It is known for its industrial prowess, vibrant culture, and the entrepreneurial spirit of its people.

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