Oyigbo is a town and local government area in Rivers State, Nigeria. It is located about 30 kilometers from the port city of Port Harcourt. The town has a population of about 200,000 people. The majority of the people in Oyigbo are Igbos, but there are also a significant number of other ethnic groups, including Hausas, Yorubas, and Efiks.

Oyigbo is a major economic center in Rivers State. The town is home to a number of oil and gas companies, as well as a number of other businesses. Oyigbo is also a major agricultural center, and the town is known for its production of palm oil, cassava, and yams.

Oyigbo is a popular tourist destination. The town is home to a number of historical and cultural sites, including the Oyigbo Museum, the Oyigbo Town Hall, and the Oyigbo Market. Oyigbo is also home to a number of natural attractions, including the Oyigbo Forest Reserve and the Oyigbo River.

In October 2020, Oyigbo was the site of a military crackdown on pro-Biafra protesters. The crackdown resulted in the deaths of dozens of people and the destruction of property. The crackdown was widely condemned by human rights groups.

Despite the violence of 2020, Oyigbo remains a vibrant and important town in Rivers State. The town is home to a diverse population and a rich history and culture. Oyigbo is a popular tourist destination and a major economic center.

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