Rafi is a local government area (LGA) in Niger State, Nigeria. It is one of the LGAs within the state and is located in the north-central part of the country. Rafi LGA is situated to the north of the state capital, Minna.

The LGA is known for its agricultural activities, with farming being a significant occupation of the residents. Crops such as maize, millet, yam, sorghum, and beans are cultivated in the area. Livestock rearing, including cattle, goats, and sheep, is also practiced.

Rafi is home to a diverse population, including different ethnic groups, with Hausa, Gwari, Nupe, and Kamuku being among the prominent ethnic groups. The LGA has a mix of rural and semi-urban areas, with some communities having basic infrastructure and amenities.

The governance of Rafi LGA is overseen by a chairman and a council, who are elected by the residents. The local government is responsible for providing essential services such as healthcare, education, infrastructure development, and maintaining law and order.

Rafi LGA has its own unique cultural heritage, and traditional practices and festivals are celebrated by the residents. The area also has natural attractions, including hills and valleys, which add to the scenic beauty of the region.

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