Tai is a Local Government Area (LGA) of Rivers State in Nigeria. It covers an area of 159 km² and at the 2006 Census it had a population of 117,797. It is part of the Okrika/Oyigbo/Tai/Eleme constituency of the Nigerian Senate, represented since April 2007 by George Thompson Sekibo. Tai local government headquarters is situated at Sakpenwa. Christianity and traditionalism are widely practiced in the area and little Islamic religion. In the April 2007 elections the Tai LGA recorded an implausible 99.6% turnout for the Governorship election.

Other communities include Kporghor and Gio. Tai Local government area has two broad sections: the Tua Tua Kingdom and the Barasi Nonwa Kingdom, both under the overall Tai kingdom headed by the Gbene Mene Tai. The primary occupations are farming, and fishing to a lesser degree. In September 2009, Samuel Nnee was the paramount ruler of the Kpite Community in Tai LGA. There are many oil wells in the LGA, which is laced with pipelines, with most of the oil installations being operated by Shell Nigeria. However, the local community has seen little benefit from oil extraction, and infrastructure is poor.

Tai is a relatively young LGA, having been created in 1996. It is located in the southeastern part of Rivers State, and is bordered by the LGAs of Oyigbo to the north, Eleme to the east, and Okrika to the south. The headquarters of Tai LGA is the town of Sakpenwa.

The economy of Tai is based on agriculture, fishing, and oil production. The main crops grown in Tai are cassava, plantain, and yam. Fish is an important source of protein for the people of Tai, and is caught in the local rivers and creeks. Oil production is a major source of revenue for Tai LGA, but the benefits of oil production have not been evenly distributed among the people of Tai.

The people of Tai are predominantly Ogoni, and speak the Ogoni language. There are also a small number of Igbo and Ijaw people living in Tai LGA. The people of Tai are predominantly Christian, but there is also a small Muslim minority.

Tai is a relatively poor LGA, and infrastructure is underdeveloped. There are few roads in Tai LGA, and those that exist are often in poor condition. There is also a lack of access to healthcare and education in Tai LGA.

The people of Tai are a proud people, and they are determined to improve their lives. They are working to develop their economy, improve their infrastructure, and provide better healthcare and education for their children.

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