Uyo is a bustling city, and the lifestyle of the people is shaped by urban amenities and infrastructure. The residents have access to modern facilities such as well-paved roads, electricity, telecommunications, and internet services. There are also shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment centers, and recreational facilities that cater to the urban lifestyle.Uyo was fist created as a province in 1959 by the colonial masters. The aim was to split the Ibibio tribe into smaller administrative units for effective governance. The History of the Ibibio cannot be complete without mentioning Uyo Local Government Area as the core or credit of the Ibibios. Their origin to some sources is traced to central of Benue valley (Talbot) while another source has it that the Ibibio people migrated from the Cameroun (Henry Nau a pioneer Lutheran Missionary and K. O. Dike). Bany Floyed and another field informant maintained that the core of the Ibibio people is the “Afaha Lineage” whose original home has been traced to “Usak Edet” in the Cameroon. Among the Ibibios Usak Edet is popularly known as ‘Edik Afaha’ reflecting that all Afaha people in Ibibio land emanated from Usak Edet. A contemporary survey has it that there is no Local Government council in Akwa Ibom State that does not have one two Afaha villages existing within their constituted area.Uyo is home to the University of Uyo, formerly known as the University of Cross River State. Its name was changed when, in 1991, the government of Nigeria established it as a federal university.Uyo is also home to a campus of the National Open University of Nigeria and the Uyo City Polytechnic.

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