Ahmadu Bello Way is a commercial neighbourhood in Victoria Island. The area is in close proximity to Adeola Odeku and Bonny Camp. There are a number of thriving businesses in this hub. The Ahmadu Bello Way neighbourhood possesses an active nightlife and a bubbly aura. A good road network and commendable supply of electricity characterise the neighbourhood. There are a number of things to do at Ahmadu Bello Way on a daily basis. They include shopping, seeing a movie, clubbing, dining in the best restaurants in Lagos and of course visiting worship centres. Ahmadu Bello Way is home to major bank branches as well as hotels. The neighbourhood has risen to become one of the busiest areas in Lagos. Thus, it is not strange to experience heavy traffic in Ahmadu Bello Way during rush hours.

The prominent companies present in Ahmadu Bello Way are the Nigerian Security Printing and Minting PLC, Urban Development Bank of Nigeria PLC, Mansard Insurance PLC, the Infrastructure Bank PLC, Fairbond Group of Companies, Ecobank, Seg Mahsens & Company Nigeria Limited, Old Mutual Nigeria Life Assurance, Qatar Airways Lagos, Hamzat Technical works and Konical Minolta-skysnap. Schools in this street include National Open University Of Nigeria, ADRAO International School and Precious Group of Schools among others. Medical services in Ahmadu Bello Way are offered by Diamond-T Dental Clinic, Lidone Pharmacy and Pili Pharmacy. There is no church or mosque present in Ahmadu Bello Way.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

A blend of business moguls, entrepreneurs and fun lovers are seen in Ahmadu Bello Way. It is the workplace of Islanders and mainlanders alike. Ahmadu Bello Way is one of the most exciting fun locations for Lagosians and Nigerians as a whole. The 2016 Lagos street party was hosted here. Ahmadu Bello Way is an upscale nighbourhood with good roads, good road network, most of the roads are either tarred or interlocked. The area is prosper landscaped with lots of well maintained flowers and masquerade trees. There are also streetlights that brighten up the street at night and traffic lights which help to regulate the traffic congestion during peak hours of the day. 

What To Expect

Expect one of the best places to live, work and play in Lagos. If you want to experience luxury then rent a luxury property with plush finishings here, check out PropertyPro.ng for a list of properties for rent or sale in Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island. The neighbourhood is also for those who want to start a business, whose targeted customers are the rich people of the Lagos Island. Ahmadu Bello Way is accessible, highly serene and well secured. There are some banks within the area such as Heritage Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Diamond Bank, Ecobank. 

The Lifestyle

Ahmadu Bello Way is an upscale area in Victoria Island that is in proximity to other business districts on the Island. The area is more of a commercial hub than residential, it plays home to a good number of thriving businesses and companies, individuals and families who live or work here are mostly big shots who can afford these luxurious apartments or office spaces. One of the advantages of living or working in an opulent area includes, proper waste management system, good drainage channels as well as security, there features are also found in Ahmadu Bello Way. There are some filing stations here such as Mobil Filing Station, MRS Petrol Station,  However, the area comes alive with the presence of top class restaurants, bars, hotels and other attractions especially at night and during weekends when the traffic situation is favourable.

The Market

The area is flooded with numerous supermarkets and grocery shops that will thrill anyone. Ahmadu Bello Way is one of the best places to shop on the Island. Although there are no local markets to shop for food items, it is a place to shop for luxury items. There are also a few boutiques where quality and beautiful clothes are sold.

You'll Fall In Love With

Ahmadu Bello Way depicts fun redefined with the number of bars, exquisite restaurants and clubs in the neighbourhood. Some of them are; the Best Western Hotel, Morning Side Suites, Federal Palace Hotel, the Roof Grill and Bar, Goody restaurant and Bar, Cash and Carry, Troy Bar and Restaurant, Saffron Restaurant and Bar, Silverbird Cinema, Nicole’s Restaurant and Sport Bar & Nightclub among others. Ahmadu Bello Way is the location where the popular Lagos party was hosted in 2016. So if you want to unwind in Lagos or visit Lagos, don’t forget to stop over at Ahmadu Bello Way in Victoria Island.


Cash ‘n’ Carry is housed on Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island. The outlet sells various electronics devices, household materilas, sound and media devices and others, all at great prices.

Get electronics, household materials, sound, media, all that. Not really publicized but good store. I seem to get about the best prices for electronics. This is an underated store. A good line up of TVs of all brands, sizes and types. Household equipment for kitchen, dining, sitting room. Generators and inverters. Attendants are very helpful and give information on deals. After sales support is done too and it is commendable. They also do deliveries and could be same day depending on when you made the purchase and where you live. They sell Original Electronics and have a great customer care service. Many branches and some other great qualities.


Silverbird Galleria/Cinemas is the premier company to introduce cinematic business in Nigeria, the galleria has been in operation since 2004, it houses lots of shops and offices although over time, due to poor maintenance high rent and high service charge, there has been lower outlet occupancy at the time of this review. The place gets crowded especially by evening and when there is a premiere, there is a major door that serves as the entrance and exit. The galleria houses some cinema theaters which which to an extent has the capacity to compete with new cinemas, the cinema shows mainly Nollywood, Hollywood movies as well as Bollywood movies on some occasions with big screens and wonderful sound system. There is a Guaranty Trust Bank ATM within the premises which mostly has cash. Residents and vThe some part of the galleria requires some renovation in order to keep up with being the fun filled location it is known to be. Check out Silverbird Galleria/Cinemas Ahmadu Bello Way


Saffron is nestled in the reputable Silverbird Galleria, Ahmadu Bello Way. It is a great spot for relaxing, hanging out with friends, family, going on a date or having a party. Saffron Restaurant & Bar offers a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, luxuriously decorated with lovely lights and great music in the background. Customers can enjoy breakfast, coffee, lunch, drinks, dinner as well as a diverse menu of food to choose from ranging from local meals to exotic cuisines. The restaurant and bar is mostly patronized by societal elites and other big shots in Lagos as Admadu Bello Way is a high end neighbourhood.

Social Facilities


Paelon Memorial Hospital is a located in the heart of Victoria Island, it serves residents of Ahmadu Bello Way, corporate workers within the neighbourhood as well as other visitors. The multi-specialist hospital offers services including Minimal Access Surgery, Family Healthcare, Fertility Clinic, Well Woman Clinic, Corporate Healthcare and General Health Maintenance. In an effort to upgrade their services, the hospital now has an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), they also have an emergency number that makes it easier for patients to reach the hospital when there is an emergency. Check out Paelon Memorial Hospital Ahmadu Bello Way http://www.paelonmemorial.com/


Federal Palace Hotel & Casino is one of the best hotels in Lagos and also one of the oldest and biggest hotels in Lagos. It is an upscale hotel that serves as a landmark in Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island. The staff of the hotel are quite helpful and friendly, from front desk staff to house staff, all work together to give customers a memorable stay. Federal Palace Hotel is decorated beautifully and tastefully, it also houses a state of the art convention centre, the Balmoral Convention Centre. It is highly recommended for a great time out with family, a romantic night out or even a weekend getaway.


Eko Atlantic City is a well planned city in view, the idea behind Eko Atlantic is to create a world of class, luxury and comfort as some of the benefits of living in here includes uninterrupted power supply, clean water, world class communication and for those who own a property in the neighbourhood, high increase in property appreciation. The completion of this project will completely refurbish the face of Ahmadu Bello Way and further raise the standard of living in the area as Eko Atlantic will serve as a tourist attraction in Lagos. 

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