Iponri is a commercial area in Surulere with quite a number of thriving businesses found in the area. A popular place in Iponri is the Mechanic Village. Iponri vaunts itself in a partially stable supply of power. Some places of worship in the area includes; Iponri Housing Estate mosque and Redeemed Christian Church of God. Some banks within the neighbourhood include Wema Bank, FCMB, First Bank and others.

Iponri Housing Estate is good location for middle income earning families as it is also a good place to raise children. The major school in the area is the Iponri Estate High School and Mayday College. 


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Around the block

The Neighbours

The Iponri neighbourhood is dominated by middle-aged working class people. Most of the residents in this area are workers hence during the day, the area is relatively calm. The houses in Iponri Housing Estate have similar residential designs which makes these apartments uniform in appearance. Cost of renting an apartment in Iponri Estate is quite expensive and not for the faint pocket. Check out PropertyPro.ng for properties for rent or sale in Ipronri, Surulere.

Iponri has both the residential and commercial sphere. There are a number of businesses housed within the neighbourhood. From shops, stores, offices and others, during the day, the area is usually busy with various commercail activities.

What To Expect

Expect to see a large number of thriving businesses in the area resulting from Iponri being a commercial area. Iponri offers fair power supply as electricity supply in Nigeria is generally unpredictable. However, residents supplement by making use of their personal generators or inverters. The road network within the neighbourhood is quite good and the roads also offer fair interconnections.

The Lifestyle

Oponri offers the conventional Lagos lifestyle. Living here can be an interesting as the neighbours are quite friendly and interactive unlike some other areas where residents prefer to keep to themselves. There are some shopping centres and supermarket chains within the neighbourhood ideal for residents and visitors looking to shop for self or family. Most of the apartments in Iponri Housing estate are old and need to be renovated, there is also no provision for green space in the neighbourhood.


The Market

The Iponri market, Iponri shopping centre, as well as a few roadside shops in the area, serves as the market in this area. The Abibatu Mogaji Market also serves the residents of Iponri. Surulere itself offers a wide range of shopping option, some other supermarkets and markets in Surulere include Lawanson Market, Orile Mini Evening Market, Gbaja Shopping Mall, Kilo Market, Ijeshatedo Market, Census Market, Aguda Market, Kings Supermarket, Masha Fruit Farmer Market, Best Buy Supermarket, Best Choice Supermarket, Jerdell Supermarket, Source Supermarket

You'll Fall In Love With

Quite a number of food vendors and eateries in the area such as YSM Cafeteria and the E360 Lounge will make for a pleasurable and refreshing moment in Iponri.


YSM Cafeteria is a fast food restaurant in Oponri, Surulere, Lagos. The restaurant is favourably located, customers who patronize YSM Cafeteria include residents of Iponri, commuters as well as visitors from other parts of Surulere. The fast food restaurant offers both eat in and take outs, their menu includes a wide range quality continental dishes and snacks. YSM Cafeteria also offers outdoor catering services for various kinds of events

Social Facilities


The Iponri Housing Estate owned by the Lagos state government is located directly behind Iponri Estate Market and next to the Iponri-Alaka Estate Canal. It is accessible through the main Iponri Estate Road and visible from the Iponri Estate side of the Eko Bridge when going to the Island. With roads that are fairly accessible, Iponri is close in proximity to Western Avenue and the National Theatre. Iponri experiences great traffic during rush hours.


Iponri Estate High School was established in 1981, the school started as a girl’s only school when it was called New Era Girls III after a while, the name of the school was changed to Iponri Estate Girls High School. However, the school is currently called Iponri Estate High School. Currently, the school has a population of over 1600 students.

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