Itire, located in Surulere on the mainland of Lagos has a length of 2.14 kilometres. It is under the Itire-Ikate Local Council Development Area. The Oba of Itire is in charge of the traditional and administrative affairs in the neighbourhood. However, there are a few traditional rites that take place here. The area is fairly serene with motorable roads and a fair supply of power. The Itire Police Station is one of the major Police Stations in Surulere. The cost of renting a flat here is between the range of 500,000 NGN to 900,000 NGN, check out for properties for sale or rent in Itire, Surulere, you can also find properties in other areas in Lagos. 

Itire is a residential area that has a number of schools, churches, mosques, and hospital. Dan-Egerton Hospital And Maternity Home and Cassandra Clinic are the major health centres here. Some of the Schools in Itire are;  Broadway International School, Oladaystar School, Itire Community Secondary School, Ansar-Ud-Deen Academy and Delmic Nursery And Primary School. Anglican Church, CAC Itire District Co-ordinating Council, Foursquare Gospel Church Itire Zone, Divine Apostolic Church are major churches in the neighbourhood. Oluwakemi Central Mosque, Nasfat Mosque and the Ansar – Ud – Deen Society Mosque are major mosques in the neighbourhood.

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Around the block

The Neighbours

The residents of Itire are majorly entrepreneurs, artisans, shop owners and civil servants. There are also a few people who do white collar jobs in this neighbourhood. Some families raise their children here. Residents in Itire are Nigerians of diverse culture and beliefs who belong to different age groups. There are lots of old houses in Itire, most of which have small shops attached to them where residents sell inexpensive materials. 

The roads in the area are narrow but motorable, however, the drainage channels are blocked with stagnant water and dirts. Tricycle commonly known as Keke Maruwa and motorbikes (Okada) are the major means of transportation in Itire for those who do no own a private car.

What To Expect

Itire is a cool place to live as it is generally a fair place to start life as a youth. It is also a good place for a family living on an average income in Lagos. The neighbourhood is fairly serene and lively.

The Market

There is no major market in this neighbourhood except for a number of shops and kiosks that offer goods and services to the residents at affordable prices.  

You'll Fall In Love With

Some of the tops recreation centres in Itire includes Chicken Republic, Freedom Restaurant, Commint Buka, Mr. Bigg’s, Madam Omega Restaurant, Lizzy House and Chichi Restaurant among others. There are also bars, suya spots, and shawarma spots here.

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