Bomadi is a local government area in Delta State, Nigeria. It is located in the western part of the state, on the banks of the Forcados River. The headquarters of Bomadi LGA is the town of Bomadi.

Bomadi LGA is home to a number of Ijaw communities, including Ogriagbene, Esanma, Akugbene, Ogbein-ama, Bomadi, Kpakiama, Ekamuta-gbene, Azebiri, Ogodobiri, Okoloba and Kalafuo-gbene. The area is rich in oil and gas resources, and is home to a number of oil and gas companies.

Bomadi LGA is a relatively underdeveloped area, with a high poverty rate. The area is also prone to flooding, and has been affected by a number of oil spills in recent years.

Despite its challenges, Bomadi LGA is a vibrant and resilient community. The people of Bomadi are proud of their culture and heritage, and are working to improve the lives of their people.

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