Igbo Eze North is a Local Government Area (LGA) in Enugu State, Nigeria. The headquarters of the LGA is located in the town of Enugu Ezike. The LGA is situated in the northern part of Enugu State and shares boundaries with Kogi State to the east and Benue State to the north.

The population of Igbo Eze North LGA is predominantly made up of the Igbo ethnic group, and the people engage in farming, trading, and other economic activities.

The LGA has a number of notable tourist attractions, including the Opi Lake Complex, which consists of a lake, a wildlife park, and a golf course. Igbo Eze North LGA is divided into several wards, each of which is represented by an elected councilor. The LGA is also represented in the Enugu State House of Assembly by a member elected to represent the constituency.

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