Isiala Mbano Local Government Area (LGA) is one of the 27 LGAs in Imo State, Nigeria. The LGA is located in the southeastern part of Nigeria, and it covers an area of approximately 108 square kilometers. Isiala Mbano LGA is made up of several towns and villages, including Umuelemai, Umuduruehie, Umuelejiaku, Amukwuru, Okwudor, and Umuezegwu.

The Igbo people are known for their entrepreneurial spirit, love of education, and strong family ties.

Education is also highly valued in Isiala Mbano, and many families prioritize their children’s education. This has led to a relatively high literacy rate in the area. The LGA is home to several primary and secondary schools, as well as a few tertiary institutions.

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