Ovia South-West Local Government is located in the southern part of Edo State, Nigeria. It is bordered by Ovia North-East Local Government to the east, Egor Local Government to the north, Uhunmwonde Local Government to the west, and Orhionmwon Local Government to the south. Administrative Structure: The local government is governed by a chairman who is elected by the residents. The chairman, along with other councillors, is responsible for the administration and development of the area. The local government provides essential services, and infrastructure development, and implements policies for the welfare of the residents. Economic Activities: Ovia South-West is predominantly an agrarian community, with agriculture being a major economic activity. The fertile land supports the cultivation of crops such as yam, cassava, maize, vegetables, and palm oil. The area also has some natural resources, including timber and rubber. Towns and Communities: Some of the major towns and communities within Ovia South-West Local Government include Iguobazuwa, Obazuwa, Iguoriakhi, Ehor, Ugoneki, Urhokuosa, and Eme-Ora. Each community has its own unique cultural heritage and traditional practices.

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