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The average price of houses for sale is ₦120,000,000 The most expensive house costs ₦1,000,000,000. while the cheapest costs ₦500,000. We have a total of 36,329 Property for sale | Page 775 . Among these properties are houses, lands, shops, apartments, flats and commercial spaces . Every Real Estate in Nigeria posted on this site is verified by real estate agents . We also have cheap houses for rent and cheap houses for sale . Refine your property search by price, number of beds and type of property.

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Nigeria located in West Africa was named by a British journalist, Flora Shaw, who had formed the name from River Niger. Nigeria shares borders with the Benin Republic to the West, Cameroon to the east, Niger to the North and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Nigeria consists of 36 states plus the Federal Capital Territory serving as the seat of government and 774 Local Government areas distributed across the states. With three main ethnic groups namely Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa, Nigeria exhibits great cultural diversity showcasing over 520 languages and over 300 cultures.The official language spoken by the  Nigerian populace is English resulting from  British colonization.


Nigeria is often regarded as the giant of Africa as it takes a lion’s share of the population in the continent. With a lot of wealth embedded in the country, Nigeria can boast of over 15 natural resources which when harnessed could change the standard of living in the country but most of them are untapped and those tapped are either mismanaged or fallen into the hands of the greedy citizens. Once prominent in agriculture, the discovery of oil in the country resulted in a shift from agriculture to join part of the oil producing countries in the world and losing her position in the Africa’s  Agricultural ranking.


Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt are the three cities in Nigeria which have been restructured to be megacities. These cities stand tall in making the most beautiful cities in Nigeria alongside other fascinating cities in the country. Port Harcourt and Lagos are a popular metropolis in Nigeria with Abuja as the Federal Capital Territory of the country.


Housing in Nigeria is one of the important areas which the government over the time has tried to improve on with remarkable progress to show. The real estate business in Nigeria is a highly profitable one because the demand for apartments as the population of the country grows is on a high increase. There are different types of apartment in Nigeria which include; Mini Flat, Bungalow, duplex, detached house, studio apartment, flats, mansion, mini estate, penthouse, semi detached house and townhouse which are available in all the the states of the country, defined to suit to the standard of living for all and sundry.


Nigeria is a hub of commercial activities in Africa due to the presence of seaports in Lagos and Port Harcourt. Different organizations have their headquarters and branches located in Nigeria as it promotes healthy business transactions thereby providing employment opportunities in the country. Commercial properties such as office space, halls, hotels, office station, shop, tank farm, warehouse, and showroom are available for sale in all the states of the federation to the meet the demand of various organizations.


The property market in Nigeria promises a high return on investment with opportunities to buy properties for resale or developing housing units from hectares of lands. Land especially appreciates in Nigeria and are available in vast quantities in any of the states. It is the most abundant property for sale in Nigeria, especially in rural areas. Bungalows for sale in Nigeria are the most common Nigerian house design and by popularity constitute a large chunk in the properties for sale in Nigeria. A 3-bedroom bungalow house for sale in Phase 3 Abuja may cost N50 million to acquire while the same amount can acquire a 600 sq ft office building in Edo state.

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