5 Beautiful Places in Jos

Jos is the capital of Plateau state. It is a city located in the middle belt region of Nigeria. The city of Jos is one of the best places to visit in Nigeria because of her charming scenery is one of the neatest city in the country. A serene environment along with the comely weather she owns makes Jos a sought after tourist destination in Nigeria.

This lovely city also referred to as J-town has a rich cultural diversity and artistic reference because the Nok art emanated from here.  The reason behind Plateau state being referred to as ‘home of peace and tourism’ is owed to beautiful places Jos possesses. The beautiful city of Jos is a home to a number of tourist attraction.


Here are some of the beautiful places to explore should you visit Jos:

  • Shere hill
  • Assop waterfall
  • Rayfield holiday resort
  • Jos wildlife park
  • Pandam game reserve


Shere Hill

Shere Hills Jos

Shere Hill located a few kilometres away from the Jos Metropolis, Shere Hill is notable for its undulating rock and rock formation which forms a pile. It is a wonder everyone gets attracted to.

Shere Hill is one of the seven highest pointers in Nigeria and has attained the height of about 1829m or 6001 feets above sea level. The top of the hill helps to get a good grasp of the city view. Shere hill is a fantastic location for leadership training such as the man o war drill and also for mountain climbers and adventure seekers.
The Shere hill has been one of Nigeria’s tourist asset.

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Assop Waterfall

Assop Waterfall

The Assop waterfall is about 60 kilometres away from the Jos metropolis.  This waterfall is a scenic awe that has drawn tourists to behold her beauty. Going towards the waterfall is a forest gallery passage and a brick staircase leading to this fascinating sight. Water pours out from the rock and runs through the valley with so much strength and speed forming a whitish torrent which projects a rare view of nature. The water course feeds the forest in close proximity to this waterfall.

Assop waterfall has been a choice location to shoot movies, picnic,  photo shoot and other events.  The beautiful Assop waterfall in Jos is an alluring place to visit.

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Rayfield Holiday Resort



The Rayfield holiday resort is one of the best resorts in Nigeria. It offers unending fun for its visitors, presenting an amazing scenery and facilities such as sports fishing, boating, indoor games and swimming to make tourist have an awed stay and also a place to reminisce about.

This holiday resort is located about 4km away from the Jos metropolis birthed in a serene environment. The Rayfield Resort has a golf club and is the home of golf in Nigeria. The resort possesses exquisite cuisines where local as well as international delicacies are being served.

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Jos Wildlife Park

jos wildlife park

The Jos Wildlife Park is one of the largest man-made wildlife parks in Nigeria. It houses a lot of animals which include; elephant, monkey, snake, lion and crocodile among many others. This wildlife Park help to reconnect with what a natural forest should look like. It hosts a number of protected picnic centres and also history museum that tells historical facts about the park. It is a prime tourism location and relaxation centre.

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Pandam Game Reserve


Pandam Game reserve is a natural habitat that hosts a number of animals which has attracted researchers and tourists. It presents an atmosphere for tourist to have a feel of a natural environment. This game reserve has a lake that animals such as the hippo use to cool off during sunny hours.

It is an amazing sight for tourist who would like to see some rare species of animals such as the Africa manatee. Fun activities such as fishing, bird watching and canoeing can be carried in the park with self-guided trails.



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