What You Should Know About Lagos Island and Lagos Mainland

Lagos is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. It is a crowded and noisy metropolis as the population is ever on the rise. The city is made up two major areas: Lagos Island and Lagos Mainland and the connection cord for both parts is the 3rd Mainland bridge. With luxury Estates in both parts and the ever growing developments in various parts of the city, Lagos is a beauty to behold!




Lagos Mainland

The majority of Lagos residents live on the mainland. The Lagos Mainland has over time been depicted as a less sophisticated area when been compared to the island. Lagos Mainland districts include Ebute-Meta, Surulere, Yaba (location of the University of Lagos) and Ikeja, site of Murtala Muhammed International Airport and capital of Lagos State.

Accommodation in Lagos as a whole is generally expensive, however, you will find the cheapest rates or areas on the mainland. From flat apartments to studio apartments, housing on the mainland is relatively lower than that of the island. Also, the cost of living on the mainland is relatively manageable.

The best place to experience the life in Lagos city is on the mainland where everything is unfeigned. Lagos mainland represents the hustle, bustle of the city as well as the fun in it. The basis of the perception that a Lagosian can survive anywhere in the world is most likely from the life of a Lagosian who has lived on the mainland. Business, especially small and medium scale businesses are better operated on the mainland as Lagos mainland accommodates and supports the existence and thriving of businesses.

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Ikeja is the most exclusive residential area on the Mainland. Ikeja is a well-planned and quiet residential suburb, initially built during the colonial period to house the upper classes.Ikeja has longed developed into a hub of commercial activities. The Government Reserved Area (GRA) of Ikeja, in particular, is still home to a number of high-ranking Nigerian officials and their families. Large residential and beautifully structured properties can be found here, typically in the form of detached houses, bungalows or semi-detached duplexes.

A residential and commercial local government area located in the state, Surulere is also an exclusive area on the Lagos Mainland. It serves as a mid-point between the island and mainland and living here ensures you have quick and easy access to both areas. It provides an environment for different classes of people to fit in very easy to fit into the without fear of segregation or any form of culture shock. Surulere comes forth as another major  commercial hub. Accommodation is relatively available here.


Lagos Island

Lagos Island is seen as the upscale part of Lagos city. staying on the island is seen as a form of status change as it is meant for movers and shakers of the society. The standard of living here can be compared with any major European country. Renting a flat apartment in Lekki can cost as much as N1,500,000 and as low as N800,000 depending on the location. Even a room or self-contained apartment, rent is very expensive. Lekki, Banana Island, Victoria Garden City and many of the expensive Estates on the Island is dubbed the Beverly Hills of Lagos.

Lagos Island is home to numerous world-class shopping plazas, clubs, spas, supermarkets, pharmacies, fashion houses, boutiques and salons among others. It depicts a classy and serene environment. Lagos island comprises of ultra modern, beautiful structures that befit it’s status. With many luxury apartments, there isn’t a shortage of comfortable, high-end accommodation in this environs. Accommodation around here can be seen as pretty expensive to the average Nigerian. Due to its affluent projection, the running capital in Lagos Island can make it a difficult place to start a business for an average Nigerian.

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Owning  a car is synonymous with living on the Island because transportation fare is high in this parts and commercial transportation on the Island is different from most parts of the Metropolis. Commercial buses and motorcycles are forbidden in most Estates on the Island, while taxis which have access, charge exorbitant fares.

Victoria Island which is located on the Island is a residential as well as a commercial area. This is one of the most affluent areas of Lagos Island and it has some of the most expensive real estate properties in Nigeria. Renting a 3 bedroom flat apartment in this area can go for as high as N8,000,000. Residents of Victoria Island include wealthy Nigerian business people and management professionals, and many of the city’s expatriates. Victoria Island is also a diplomatic center with numerous foreign embassies and consulates located in the area. There are also good and expensive hospitals on Victoria Island and most of the international schools in Lagos are also located here which is another major attraction for expats in the country.

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Ikoyi is another affluent area on the Island. Originally designed to be a residential area for the expatriate community by the British colonial Governments of the late 1800s to early 1950s, Ikoyi, Lagos is presently home to expatriate workers mainly in the oil and gas industry as well as diplomats and many leading local business executives and government appointees. In terms of real estate, Ikoyi is one of the most developed towns on the island. It has many high-rise apartment buildings, five-star hotels, and one of Africa’s largest golf courses. Extravagant mansions built here during the colonial era stand next to modern luxury condos and apartments. Some of the landmarks in Ikoyi include; the Lagos polo club and Ikoyi club. It is home to a host of good schools, golf courses, and country clubs, making it an attractive location for foreigners living in Lagos. Transportation in Ikoyi is different from most parts of the metropolis as only dedicated commercial buses convey passengers to various parts. In certain parts of Ikoyi like Park view, Osborne road, Dolphin estate and Banana Island, there is a ban on all commercial vehicles except Taxis.

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Above all, whether you decide to live on the mainland or island is a personal choice. From the mainland to the island, Lagos offers a range of beautiful environments to reside in. Want to get an affordable accommodation in the city that never sleeps? Visit today!



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