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Top 10 Fun Places to be in Lagos Island

Lagos Island is often referred to as small London because of its luxurious lifestyle. This part of Lagos is where you get to rub shoulders with the high and mighty in the society. It is no longer news that it is home to some of the country’s finest and most expensive real estate properties. An abode to some of the highest earners of the country. If you plan to visit Nigeria, ensure you visit the Lagos Island. There is no doubt you will have the best of experience and a story to tell.

The Lagos Island half of Lagos comprises of areas like Victoria Island, Lekki, Ajah, Ikoyi, Lagos Island, Obalende among others. This part of the city arguably has the highest concentration of skyscrapers. Also, the Lagos Island part of Lagos has a considerable number of good roads compared to the Lagos Mainland.  To some, it is where the state’s money resides.

Considering the number of local and international companies in Lagos Island, it is definitely a business hub in its own right. There is a higher concentration of the headquarters of some of the financial institutions. It also hosts one of the popular markets in Lagos. Besides being a business hub and a residential area, Lagos Island is definitely top of the destination choices for fun places in Lagos.

The amazing hang out spots in Victoria Island will thrill you. The fun places in Lagos Island are no doubt a bit classy when compared to those on the Lagos Mainland. The recreational places in Lagos Island offer a form of escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. If you are in Lagos and you want to give yourself a treat, why not try out one of our top ten places to be in Lagos Island.

In no particular order, have fun as you enjoy a list of the 10 fun places to visit in Lagos Island.

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  1. Takwa Bay
  2. The Palms
  3. Queens Park
  4. Radisson Blu
  5. Fahrenheit
  6. Vapours
  7. Mr. Chang
  8. Rhapsody
  9. 4 points by Sheraton
  10. hard rock Cafe

Tarkwa Bay

takwa bay

The first time I heard of Tarkwa Bay, it was definitely from a friend. I pretended as though he has said nothing, but deep within me, I wanted to know where Tarkwa Bay was. It seemed like a fun place and I wondered how I had not heard of the place before now. So, I googled it! According to Wikipedia, Tarkwa Bay is an artificially sheltered beach located near the Lagos harbour. Due to its island status, it is only accessible by boat or water taxis. The beach, popular with swimmers and water sports enthusiasts, also has a welcoming resident community.

I did more research on the places and found out it was one of the gems of Lagos Island. Apparently, I was the one who didn’t know about it. Well, I think that is due to my nature. Though I like going out with friends and family, I can also be an inside person. But then, I digress. The article is about the fun places in Lagos island and not me. So, let’s go back to our discussion.

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To get to Tarkwa Bay, you will have to take a boat ride from any of the jetties along the marina and Victoria Island. You can pick a ride from the Bonny Jetty which is just by the bridge after Bonny camp bus stop. This place is a military zone and has a parking lot. With a token fee of about N200, you are assured of the safety of your vehicle while on the beach.

Tarkwa bay has been existing since around the 1960s. It has since then been one of the go-to places for fun seekers. The idea of it being an island, away from the land, makes it more thrilling. The whole fun and adventure start right from the boat ride. In fact, it is not unusual to see people make videos right from the jetty. So if you want to chill and have fun in a hideout that feels like a different world, go to Takwa Bay.

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The Palms

top ten fun places to be in Lagos Island

By now you will realize that the Lagos Island is actually a collection of fun spots. It is home to a large number of fun places. From the fun spots to leisure to shopping, there is definitely something to do here. The next on our list of hangout spots in Lagos is The Palms Lekki. If you find yourself in or around Lekki, you definitely want to try it out.

The Palms in Lekki gives a unique feel of fun, leisure, and shopping. This means that you can add fun to everything you do there. While shopping, you can stop over at the Cinema. You can also get a cup of exotic ice cream in the same location. The fact that you can get most of your groceries at highly affordable prices and still have all the fun is beautiful.

This particular place on the Lagos Island is no doubt a beauty to behold. In fact, it is the haven for everything beautiful and exotic. There are a number of top brands in the mall depending on what you want to buy. So if you have a lot of things to buy and you also want to have so much fun while shopping, the place to visit is The Palms.

Queen’s Park and Lounge Elegushi

top ten fun places to be in Lagos Island

Queen’s Park and Lounge are located at the popular Elegushi Private Beach. If you have been following keenly, you will notice that this is the second beach mentioned. It is because the Lagos Island is no stranger to water or beaches as the case may be. Therefore, going to the beaches is one of the sure ways to have fun in Lagos. No wonder Lagos Island is home to some of the best beaches in Lagos.

However, the focus here is the Queen’s Park and Lounge in Elegushi Private Beach. Its uniqueness is derived from the fact that it is a family entertainment centre. It also hosts Children’s Concert on Children’s Day. So when you visit Elegushi beach, don’t forget to stop over at Queen’s Park.

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Radisson Blu Anchorage hotel is another fun place to be on the Lagos Island. Even if it for an excursion or just the need to view a beautiful environment. The architectural design is very beautiful and the environment is welcoming for guests. The Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel is located on Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island.

This Lagos hotel’s lagoon home invites guests to experience a sophisticated stay in the city’s premier Victoria Island district. The hotel consists of 170 rooms and suites with comfortable features like Free high-speed wireless Internet and air conditioning. Guests can easily access the jetty from the on-site bar and enjoy gorgeous views while dining at the on-site restaurants. Fitness and event facilities are also available.

This particular place can serve as the perfect getaway trip you need. The beautiful environment and architectural designs are enough reasons you should visit this part of Lagos Island. It definitely feels like home away from home. If you are looking for where to go and away from the whole busyness of Lagos, this is the place.

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Lagos Island is many things depending on what you are looking for. To some, a visit to the Island is simply for business. While others see it as the perfect part of Lagos to ease their stress and enjoy themselves. Whatever your reasons are, every part of Lagos Island has the answer you seek.

Fahrenheit is another place to dine In and enjoy the nightlife. Enjoy intercontinental cuisine, have fun at Fahrenheit on Adetokunbo street Victoria Island Lagos. This hotel features, Bar & Lounge Outdoor Seating, POS, Rooftop, and it is great for groups. It is also a cool hang out place for two lovers. The luxury of the environment will definitely thrill you. This is a fun place to experience class at its peak.


10 best fun places to be in Lagos

Vapors is a bar and a lounge located on Samuel Manuwa Street close to 1004 Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos. This is definitely one of the destination points for any fun seeker in and around the Victoria Island. It is no doubt Lagos Island has some of the best collections of Lagos nightlife experience. If you want to ease off work stress or looking to groove into the weekend, Vapors is where to go.

It is a bar and lounge that is no doubt a top spot on the Lagos Island. There are two floors in the building; the downstairs is called the ice lounge and the upstairs is fire lounge. Both floors are designed to ice and fire taste as the names suggest. No matter the floor you choose to stay, you are definitely guaranteed a fun time.

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Mr Chang

Are you are bored of everything regular? Try out one of the best Chinese restaurants in Lagos. Mr Chang Chinese Cuisine is a Chinese restaurant is one of the best in offering the Chinese dish, Dessert. Located on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, it is another fun place you can visit on the Lagos Island. It offers cheap and cheerful tasty meals and excellent services.

A perfect place to take lunch, their food is fresh and high standards. It’s a new trendy with favourite oriental dishes and the people spare the money to eat a variety of dishes and other items as it costs less. It maintains its recipe to attract the people and in-service aspect. If you want to have a feel of a special irregular meal, Mr Chang is a place to have a taste.

It is important to note that places like Ikoyi and Lekki are tailored to suit the top earners of the society. Therefore, for a restaurant like Mr Chang it definitely does not come cheap either. The meals are rich in taste and definitely for those who have the pocket. Are you looking to try something new? Mr Chang is the place if you are in Ikoyi and its environs.

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rhapsody lagos

Experience signature dishes designed and created by chefs. Rhapsody offers a natural ambiance which is lively yet effortless, simple yet delicious, stylish yet relaxed. Elegant decor and an extensive array of superior wines form part of the perfect backdrop for superb culinary flair. You can also enjoy the freshness of the environment. It is located on the Victoria Island.

One interesting thing about this particular place on the Lagos Island is its ability to transit from a restaurant to a club. It is really not your go-to club for parties on a typical Friday night. That said, the music can actually get so loud enough for you to dance and have some fun. Its array of drinks and elegant decors would definitely spark the light in every fun seeker.

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Four Points by Sheraton


10 fun places to be in Lagos

Four Points by Sheraton is a stunning top-class hotel – a great base for exploring and enjoying the gorgeous Lagos Island, famed for its sprawling beaches and diverse tourist attractions.

The hotel provides a hassle-free stay in a traditional comfy room – 234 great rooms all equipped with comfortable beds and many other top-quality in-room facilities.

All rooms have both bathtubs and walk-in showers. Guests also enjoy individual climate control in their room, a mini bar, as well as Free high-speed Internet access throughout the hotel. It’s the best way to get a feel of away from home in Nigeria. So you can plan a weekend getaway with a friend right here.

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