5 Ways A Clean Bedroom Will Affect Your Life

One of the most tragic that can never happen to someone is getting home late at night to discover your bed needs to be spread. You have huge piles of clothing spread everywhere around your bedroom, picking up cups, books, newspapers from the floor. Your whole day is determined by your bedroom being the part of the house where you begin the day and spend lots of time.


The Bedroom is one of the most vital places in the house, where you practically begin and end your day. Where you spend most of your time has a serious effect on your lifestyle, behaviour and performance. A straightened room with a made bed and pile-free floor will not only bring happiness and organization to your life, it will also change your life. Little do we know about the effect of an untidy environment, especially the bedroom on our life.

Check 5 Ways A Clean Bedroom Will Affect Your Life below;


1. You Will Be More Productive


A clean and neatly organized bedroom will guarantee some amounts of productivity in everything you do. Starting your day without making your bed lead to a disruption you can’t manage. Making your bed can improve your productivity level as it generates a preparedness for the daily activities without bothering yourself with the thought of making your bed when you get home. Making your bed every morning is directly correlated with higher levels of productivity and overall happiness. Ending your day by putting away your clothing and starting it with the simple task of making your bed will actually shape you into a more productive person, he argues.  A clear, organized mind is a productive mind and organizing the environment around you is the first step towards that.

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2. Less Stress

stress free
Using an untidy or unkempt bedroom will make your day worrisome because you will likely feel more unsettled and stressed out when you realize how messy, unorganized your bedroom is. There is absolutely nothing that can be more awesome than walking into your bedroom and seeing your cozy, comfy bed made waiting for you. Creating a peaceful bedroom will ensure a calm feeling and reduce your stress level.

3. You Will Be More Social

No one feels good at the sight of a messy bedroom. We equally don’t want our friends, family members or even closed colleagues see how messy our bedroom may look. When someone is ashamed of the state of their bedroom, it is unlikely that they will invite anyone over to their room and thus reduces their ability to socialize with effectively. A clean bedroom will erase the unnecessary boundary between you and your company; therefore, you will become social.

4. You will look Better

A tidy, well-organized bedroom will lead to lower stress level and probably allows you to sleep more restfully. According to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation, people who made their beds every morning were 19% more likely to get a good night’s sleep, and 75% of people surveyed noted that sleeping on clean, fresh sheets meant an even better nights rest, due to a higher level of comfort and feeling of well-being. Therefore, the effect of adequate night rest should not be underestimated as it plays a major role in how we look.

5. It Saves Time

organized bedroom
Organizing and cleaning your room regularly will lead to an effective planning schedule since you will know where to find something when you need it. You don’t have to search randomly before locating something in your bedroom and this saves you lots of time.  Beyond making your bedroom look good or saving time, it also helps set a productive tone for the day, it’s also a little opportunity to feel proud of yourself.
It is no doubt that cleaning the bedroom on daily basis can be an extremely hard task for some people either because of work or study schedule, but with adequate planning and determination, you can ensure a mess free bedroom that will positively affect your well being.
Do you know other effects of a clean and well-organized bedroom? Drop your comments below.


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