5 Ways to Avoid Increase in House Rent

Since landlords are into the business to make money, they keep seeking for ways to increase their gain from their apartments for rent.

While some resort to the use of quit notice in order to make a replacement with a tenant who is ready to pay higher, others resort to increasing house rent.

However, since there are binding state laws as to the idea of giving quit notice, increase of rent seems to be the more popular measure adopted by most landlords in Lagos, Nigeria. In fact, some landlords are so greedy that they increase rent on annual basis.

To prevent such from happening with your landlord, there are some effective measures you can adopt as follows.



 Build a good rapport with your landlord

In my previous articles, I usually advise that an informal relationship be built from the onset between a landlord and tenant. This is because, when a landlord takes you as family, it becomes harder to demand an increase in rent. Hence, this family-like relationship can only be built by building good rapport with your landlord

Watch the way you acquire properties

Do you know that once you rent an apartment, your landlord is on the lookout for how rich you acquire wealth? Not because, he/she is a witch or wizard who doesn’t want your progress. But, in fact, such landlord seek your progress financially as it would make it more convenient to increase rent.

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While I am not advising that you don’t work towards becoming richer, I am suggesting you do not buy multiple cars or any other properties that can make your landlord feel intimidated because he/she is not as capable as you are. This can result into increase of your rent.

 Reduce the rate of organising parties


I do not advise anyone to organise parties regularly in a rented apartment. It is not in such apartments you kill cow, cook mega food and invite crowd for a birthday party. While it is not bad in itself, it is advisable to do it some distance away from your rented apartment such that your landlord is not aware in order to avoid sending signals that you can afford higher rent than what you’ve been paying.

Start working towards buying an apartment of your own

The longer you stay in such apartment, the higher the likelihood of increase in its rent. So, start working towards buying your own apartment either through mortgage, land purchase or outright purchase.

 Don’t tell your landlord everything

Having mentioned that you should build a good rapport with your landlord, I also advise that you watch your words and the information you reel out to your landlord when you interact with him or her. Don’t tell your landlord everything; don’t go the length of asking advice on how to complete the house you’re already building or intend buying. Trust me, that will be enough signal that you’ve grown richer and that it is okay to increase your rent.

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Even though some landlords can be very merciless, there is high guarantee that by consciously imbibing the suggestions I have given, the tendency for or rate at which rent is increased will be reduced.


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