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9 Best Places in Lagos to Raise Children

With the never ending hustle and bustle life Lagos affords its resident from day to day, it is essential we find a way to shield our kids from it. Children are the bedrock on which our future generations lie so it’s paramount that we set growth mechanisms in place.

Everyone wants the best things in life for their children and family, like a suitable area to grow up in, a proper school system to enroll the kids into, a safe neighborhood with a low crime rate, etc.


Additionally, everyone wants their children to thrive in a town bustling with culture, fun things to do, and people with similar goals and mindsets. All these put together makes the community we choose to live in as we raise children very important.

Not every area will necessarily be a perfect match for everyone, but our hope is that one of the 9 areas below will be a good fit for you and in this case for your family too;

1. Ikeja GRA

2. Gbagada

3. Lekki

4. Ikoyi

5. Oregun

6. Magodo GRA

7. Omole phase 1

8. Okota

9. Ogudu


1. Ikeja GRA

Located in Lagos Mainland, Ikeja GRA is known to be home to some of the richest people in the society. The evident serenity and calmness in this area make it one of the best places to raise kids in, despite the ever bubbling Lagos atmosphere. The saying that ‘you get what you pay for’ really holds true for Ikeja GRA. With well-paved roads, traffic lights and regular power supply, it is hard to resist this area. Most houses in this area are in form of detached houses, bungalows, serviced apartment and duplexes.

The top schools in this area include; Police college, Avi-cenna International School, Grange School, Oxbridge Tutorial College, S.T T Regency School, Abbey Jimi School, CTC International School

Fun for kids isn’t exempt from this area. A major fun spot in this area is Funland Limited

Hospitals in this area include LASUTH, Reddington Hospital

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2. Gbagada

Affordability, centrality, and accessibility all combine to make Gbagada one of the top places to raise a family in. This area features well-paved roads, little to no traffic, good power supply.

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The main attraction here is the vantage location which it enjoys. Gbagada has quick accessibility to the Island via the third mainland bridge and the Mainland through Oworonshoki-Oshodi expressway that links Ikorodu road and Agege motor road which is a bonus for most working parents.

Areas like Gbagada Phase 1, Gbagada Phase 2, Medina estate are the most exclusive parts of Gbagada and this is where a majority of luxury apartments are located. It’s serenity and clean environment makes it all the more attractive.

Gbagada also holds a number of good schools like; Grace schools, Estaport school, Emerald schools, Top Flight College, Sarahsnest, Lady bird Nursery and Primary School, Corona Nursery and Primary School

Hospitals here include; Gbagada General Hospital, R. Jolad Hospital

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3. Lekki

Located in Lagos Island, Lekki depicts class and beauty at it’s finest. It is one of the best places to raise children in Lagos because it gives them a higher chance create a healthy relationship with the children of affluent persons in the society. Asides this, Lekki is known for its security, peacefulness, calmness, serenity and orderly structure. There are a lot of estates in Lekki and houses found in this environment include; duplexes, bungalows, serviced apartments, luxury apartments.

Some of the best schools in Lagos are nestled here and some of them include; Lagoon school, Lekki British International High School, Diadem School, Lekki City International College, Whitesands School, Pinefield School, Italian International School, British International School, Imperial Gate School
For fun and recreation for children, Lekki provides these places; Klub de Lag and Mindscapes museum
Hospitals here include; Shalom Hospital, Brittiana Hospital, Lifeline Children’s Hospital, The Olive Branch Clinic

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4. Ikoyi

Ikoyi is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Lagos Island. It is an up-market residential island separated by a narrow waterway from Lagos Island to the west inhabited by expatriates and the upper-class residents of the Nigerian society. It lies to the northeast of Obalende at the edge of the Lagos Lagoon and encompasses the eastern half of Lagos Island.
Ikoyi includes the newer suburbs of Banana Island, Parkview Estate, Dolphin Estate and other luxurious blocks of flats that are springing up.
With well-paved roads as well as a good layout, it is a good place to raise kids in Lagos.

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Schools in this area include; Child Center, Chrysolute Academy, Coporate Kids Academy, Duntees School, Foot Steps Kiddies School, Global School Lagos, British School, Lagos Prep School, Lilly Fields Tower School
Hospitals include; Atlantic Medical Center, Best Care Hospital

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5. Oregun

With residential estates like; Alfred Gardens Estate, Peace Estate, Howson Wright Estate, Juli Estate, Cornerstone Estate by Alausa bus stop, Oregun provides a stable environment for raising kids.

Some facilities in these estates include; swimming pools, basketball / lawn tennis courts, 24 hours’ corporate security patrol, water and sewage treatment plants

There are a number of private and public schools in this neighborhood and they include; Vivian Fowler Memorial Girls School, Leeland International School, Ebunoluwa Pro Veritas School, Oregun High School, Olusosun Primary School.

Hospitals in this neighborhood include: Pamaa Medicals and Scientific Company Limited, De Vine Hospital

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6. Magodo GRA

Magodo is a well-structured estate where security is at its peak. The calmness and tranquility of this environment make it the perfect spot to raise kids. It also comes with a class of its own. With absolutely no rowdiness, a high level of privacy, well-paved streets, good water supply, little to no traffic, what else could you possibly ask for?

Schools in this estate include; Julliard academy, Leaves Green school, Tee Tops Nursery and Primary School, Supreme Education Foundation, Laurel Edge Preparatory School, Straightgate Nursery and Primary School

Hospitals in the area include; Magodo Specialist Hospital, Vision Capital Eye Hospital, Sky High Medical Center


7. Omole Phase 1

Omole Phase 1 is a fully residential Estate in Ojodu. It is fully secured, with uniformed men at the gate.

Omole is a place where the good roads, clean streets, clean drainages and the constant power supply, and powered with street lights. People living at Omole are elites and the working class with an evident love for privacy. Most of the houses are gated and you don’t find the residents roaming the streets aimlessly. There are also a few retirees in the area. Because of the quietness and serenity, Omole is one of the top places to raise kids in.

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Schools in Omole include; Cute Twinkles School, Agape Bundles, Mind Builders School, Cradles and Kickers pre-school, Fasta International School. Kidzom pre-school and after school
Hospitals here include; St Mary’s Specialist Hospital,

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8. Okota

Okota is a highly residential area. Despite its residential nature, a lot of businesses thrive in the area. Such businesses include supermarkets, electronic stores, boutiques, and household supply stores. There are also meat shops and mini markets for food supplies. The power in the area is one of the best in Lagos state. As for water supply, a lot of the houses are equipped with boreholes which keep the stress of getting water close to zero. Security in Okota is really high as well. Houses in this area are relatively cheap and the newly constructed Ago Palace way makes it a plus.

Schools in this area include; Ostra Private School, Tadeel Private School, Gideon International School, Spring Children School

Hospitals here include; New Evolution Hospital , Flokel hospital, Bola Hospital, Raphaels Hospital Limited

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9. Ogudu

Ogudu is known to be located in one the central areas of Lagos state. Its is highly residential as well. The road networks are quite good. There are a lot of estates in this area which accommodates family and are really conducive to raising children. The security is good as well.

Top schools in Ogudu include; Childville Schools, Sam O School, Mictec International School, Sceptre schools, Lead Forte Gate School

Hospitals here; Inland Specialist Hospital, Med-in Specialist hospital

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