Building a house on a small budget

Do you want to build your own house on a small budget? Are you willing to exercise a little discipline with your money? Building a house in Nigeria on a small budget may seem quite difficult due to the value of building materials, cost of labour and other construction costs. Below are helpful tips on how to build your dream house in Nigeria on your small budget.



Plan out your budget

The popular saying if you do fail to plan then you have planned to fail is quite applicable to building your house in Nigeria. To build a house on a small budget, you must plan every detail. You need to calculate the amount of cash you have available for building the house. Use this amount to allocate different cash price to items on your house building project. Items on the budget may include the cost of land, building materials, fixtures and furniture, labour cost, transportation of materials and professional fees.

Carry out a market survey compare the market value of different building materials and purchase the materials that are suitable for your budget only.

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Keep it small and simple

Building a big house on a small budget is not realistic in any way. The bigger the house, the more money you have to spend. If you keep your house simple and you will be able to keep the budget slim. When you are building on a small budget, you may decide to give some rooms more finishing than others as better finishing for all the room means less money.  Why not just have better finishing for a few rooms like the living room or bedroom?

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You don’t need a marble finishing for your bathroom if you are building on a small budget instead you can settle for cheaper options like ceramic tiles.


Use the open floor plan

Fewer walls equal to less building materials which means you get to save your money. The open floor plan makes the visual connection between spaces feel larger. Ensure you use a good plan design to eliminate wasted space.

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Monitor the building process

Don’t take anything for granted. Ensure you monitor the building process by yourself as. This is because so you can precisely verify if the materials and services you paid for are delivered.

Monitoring the building process is important in terms of not deviating unreasonably from the estimated cost and resources marked out for the construction project on the budget.

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Look out for deals on fixtures

Buying fixtures and furniture for your interior should be done wisely.  You may move in with the old fixtures or furniture you have currently and maybe after you must have moved in for a while you can then begin to change your fixtures and furniture when you have the money.

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Try and write down what furniture or fixtures you NEED and then check the market or online for great deals or discounts. Compare prices and buy the necessary furniture that fits your budget.

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