10 Lovely Tips for Designing a Studio Apartments in Lagos

Owing to a large number of residents in Lagos, there are a lot of apartments up for rent.  With many options available and so many decisions to make regarding moving in and decorating, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. The good thing, however, is that though the apartment may be short on space, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be short on style.


Living in a studio apartment can be tough when trying to figure out the furniture fittings, layouts, design or decorations. Do I need a couch? Do I need a table? Can’t i just buy a bed alone? These are some of the questions that run through your mind. Even though been stylish about your studio apartment is not an easy ride, it does a whole lot of good when you have some inspiration and ideas to roll with. Here are some design trends you can work with to help you make the best out of your room space;

1. When designing your studio apartment, you would want to make sure the furniture, gadgets and overall accessories are kept to a minimum which is relative to the size of the apartment. The goal here is to make enough space as possible so as to give the apartment a relaxing feel. Be sure to also pick out a few side tables that have drawers so they can be used as storage space and reduce clusters.

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10 tips for designing a studio apartments in Lagos

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2. A glass partition in a studio apartment gives a very open and airy feel. Even though it takes away some of the privacy, it gives off a trendy vibe. It gives the room an ultra modern and classy look. Also, having a large mirror can also help create an illusion of a whole lot of space in the apartment. A flowy white curtain would do too if you don’t like the idea of a glass partition. A light curtain would be just as stylish.

10 tip for designing a studio apartment

3. A sofa or couch does not always have to be the first go to especially if you do not have enough space, you can always just try having two comfy chairs instead.


4. You can always play with colors and patterns in your studio apartment by using colorful and beautiful wallpapers or choosing classy colors like white or blue. Keep in mind that white colors make the apartment appear bigger than it really is but you can go ahead and use subtle and soothing hues as well just to make the apartment pop!

5. You can clear out unwanted cluster by making storage space on the walls! Yes! Just by putting up shelves (nothing shabby though). A nice bookshelf would most definitely do as it adds a bit of creativity to the room.

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6. You can choose to keep the lighting soft or go for bold chandelier depending on your taste. Statement furniture, lighting, and artwork are what truly makes an apartment space shine.

7. You can rock a lot of personalities even in a small space by putting up simple art designs on the walls of your apartment. The key thing here, however, is to get creative not go overboard with a lot of art designs that would end up making your apartment look tacky.

8. Accessorize with coordinating pieces same as the color of your walls with items like rugs, throw pillows, bedside lamps, table lamps and vases to tie the look together and add a bit of personality as well as add cozy touches to your apartment.

10 tips for designing studio apartments in Lagos

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9. When choosing a window blind or curtains, it is preferable to go for something that blocks out a lot of light when the room is being used as a bedroom. That doesn’t mean it should not be stylish at the same time.

10. For people that would love to have a work area in their studio apartments, (which basically depends on the space available), keep shelving for work items directly above your desk space so as to keep your work area organized. You can also mix in decorative accessories to reduce the office-like feeling a tad bit. A homely frame, a desk lamp or a scented candle can do just that. Remember to pick a work area furniture in theme with the rest of your apartment. You can also add a pinboard to the wall to keep your sticky notes and clutter off the desk.

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With these steps in mind, trust me, you are good to go on the layout of that studio apartment!



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