Everything You Need To Know About A Duplex

Couple years back, many modern families built bungalow homes, some deep pockets went for storey buildings. These are what we are familiar with, not duplex, terraces and many more cool structures we see now. Transitioning into the 2nd millennium century, architectural taste had a change of scenery and we are seeing more daring structures for residential and commercial real estate. Let’s dive into the world of duplexes and explore the countless possibilities they offer. Here’s everything you need to know about a Duplex.


What is a Duplex?

One of things to consider while talking about everything you need to know about a duplex is it’s definition. So, what’s a duplex? A duplex is a multi-family dwelling with two units in the same structure. The floor plan of these two flats can vary, while having a shared wall. Units can be piled on top of one another or put side by side to take up an entire level or two of the building.

Each apartment has its own entrance, and there is no interior connection between them. If the lot has any outside area, the inhabitants of the two units must share it or it will be partitioned.

A duplex building has a single owner who may or may not live in one of the two units. The duplex’s owner rents out one or both flats to renters.

Trip-lex and Four-plex buildings are two types of multi-family housing that include three and four units, respectively.

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Duplex House Types

The living units in a duplex house might be side by side or on two stories. Typical duplex house designs include:

Low-rise duplex

This duplex house design features large balconies and a second-floor attic. Duplex houses are typically created on a smaller scale than other types of duplex houses, and creating these small duplex house designs and photographs necessitates some thought on the part of the architects.

Ground duplex house

Duplex houses are erected on the ground floors of apartments, with the lower stories facing a garden and housing the bedrooms. The upper story of the duplex apartment houses the living room and kitchen. These duplex residences are ideal for those who enjoy gardening and have pets.

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Standard duplex house

A duplex house is a two-story residence with stairs connecting the first and second floors.

The lowest floor of a duplex flat houses the living room and kitchen, while the upper floors house the bedrooms and children’s quarters.

Factors affecting the rooms in duplex houses

Everything You Need To Know About A Duplex: The number of rooms in a duplex house depends on several factors.

Location of the property

In general, duplex residences in cosmopolitan cities are smaller in size than those on the outskirts of the city. The number of rooms in a duplex house decreases as its size decreases.

Layout of a duplex

In general, a duplex house design has a consistent plan with bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room on one floor and a master bedroom on the other.

Individuals might, however, select an alternative duplex house design layout with a bigger number of rooms and a smaller size for each room.

Floor Plain Design of What Duplex Looks like

Duplex house advantages

A duplex house has several benefits and here are some reasons why you should choose it as your first home:

  • A duplex residence provides individuals with tax benefits and generates additional money. Owners can own a duplex and reside on one side while renting out the other. This boosts the owner’s return on investment in the property.
  • A duplex house provides broader finance options for both buyers and tenants. The owner can reclaim some of the mortgage interest if he rents out a piece of the property rather than owning the entire property on his own.
  • A duplex house design can fulfil a variety of functions. If you wish to set up an office, you can do it on one floor and have a home-office. Because duplex houses are large and spacious, such apartments provide seclusion. During the COVID-19 epidemic, when working from home became the norm, spaces in duplex houses used as offices, schools, and other places of employment.
  • A duplex house is a wonderful solution for a joint family that wants to stay together but still wants their privacy.
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Duplex house disadvantages

  • Noise may be transmitted through common walls in duplex dwellings. This may cause inconvenience for the residents.
  • In Nigeria, duplex residences are unusual. If you are looking for one, you may not have many choices.
  • Because of the commonality of the area involved, sharing the duplex house may be a difficult position if you plan to rent out a portion of your property. A duplex house would likewise be difficult to find a tenant for.

It’s  important to consider these disadvantages alongside the advantages while talking about everything you need to know about a duplex, this will help you determine whether a duplex house aligns with your specific lifestyle and housing requirements

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Are duplex houses expensive?

Due to the fact that the building consists of two units within a house, duplex houses are often expensive to build. Duplex residences are typically more expensive when compared to other properties in the same neighbourhood.

What is duplex house design and construction cost?

The cost of a duplex house is one of the most important aspects to consider before investing.

A duplex house design and construction may cost more than ₦13,839.57 per sq ft depending on the precise location and city.

The cost of building a duplex may range between N4 Million to N20 Million, depending on the location.

This raises the intriguing question of whether it is possible to transform a double home into a single residence. Before changing the construction of a house and designing a duplex house, a lot of planning is required.

If all that is required is the removal of interior walls, redesigning the layout of a house becomes much simpler. This is especially true considering the increased expense of duplex house building.

When rebuilding a duplex house, however, it is critical to decide and arrange the new layout. Consider whether each floor has enough space for a kitchen, a living room and at least one bathroom.

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When eliminating non-load bearing walls, find out if any plumbing or electrical work is required. It is best to seek the advice of a professional.

Is it easy to find buyers for a duplex house?

The majority of property buyers who choose duplex houses do so for end-use. If they want to resell the unit, finding the proper buyer may be difficult. The specific location, demand for such homes, pricing, and city all play a role.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of selling a duplex house in the secondary market. Many purchasers are looking for properties other than apartments.

One of the most prevalent worries when buying a duplex house is safety. Unless you live in a gated community, you need to make some efforts to secure the safety of your home and its surroundings.

An individual may own a duplex house and reside in one of the units or not. He can rent out one or both units of the duplex.

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Difference between Duplex house and a two-storey house

Although the term “duplex house” refers to any two-story structure, not all two-story structures are duplex houses.

While there are many different types of duplex houses, the floors of a duplex house are joined by a stairway, whereas two-story residences can be independent of one other and may or may not be connected.

Is a duplex apartment right for me?

Now that you know everything you need to know about a duplex, it time to make a decision. The desirability of a duplex apartment relies on your lifestyle, preferences, and individual housing demands. Consider considerations such as desired living space, privacy needs, upkeep responsibility, and availability in your selected location.

These considerations can help you assess whether a duplex apartment is a good fit for your lifestyle and ambitions.


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