Challenges of Lagos Renters

Even with your money, renting an apartment in Lagos is real work. From moving around the streets to meeting up with agents to going from house to house without apartments. At times our choices are higher than our budget, others times, there is this specified notion of class and pictures that we have in our head that cannot be easily met up with.


Either way, accommodation is still very important. Lagos, the central of Nigeria’s business is always occupied with one thing or another. So, what challenges have people faced in renting apartments in Lagos? I will write out from real experiences from real people.

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Mrs. Adeoye
House hunting took a whole one month, I moved from flat to flat. I wanted to stay at Isolo, but I could not get a place around. It’s either the apartments are too expensive or I don’t just like the house.

I paid different agents and dedicated work hours for my search. It was all to no avail. After one month of consistent searching, I had to relocate to Iyana Ipaja, because that was where I got an affordable apartment. My budget was 500,000 NGN, yet I was disappointed that she could not get a three bedroom flat in her choice location for that amount. Now, she struggles every day to get to her workplace.

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A young man from Kogi state called Akor, also shares his house hunting experience in a chat. Below are excerpts from the chat in its raw form;
When asked; “why don’t u live alone?” He responded with the following chat;

[3:45 PM, 11/1/2016] : I could not find what I was looking 4 with 350k
[3:46 PM, 11/1/2016] : I saw something sweet in new oko oba
[3:47 PM, 11/1/2016] : But what if i get another job on the island
[3:47 PM, 11/1/2016] : It will be stressful
[3:48 PM, 11/1/2016] : Then the agency and agreement part
[3:48 PM, 11/1/2016] : Is crazy
[3:48 PM, 11/1/2016] : Its like the call what they want to
[3:49 PM, 11/1/2016] : The agents are out 4 the cash
[3:49 PM, 11/1/2016] : Not the satisfaction of the client
[3:49 PM, 11/1/2016] : So it’s crap
[3:50 PM, 11/1/2016] : I put m6 search on hold
[3:50 PM, 11/1/2016] : My*
[3:50 PM, 11/1/2016] : For every new agent
[3:50 PM, 11/1/2016] : I had to pay agency fee
[3:51 PM, 11/1/2016] : That’s it sha ⁠

A few months to her wedding, Subomi’s house hunting wahala started. It was like a joke. Since her husband to be was in London, she couldn’t escape the task of getting an apartment for them to settle down.
After three months, her husband, Michael, had to come and join her in the hunt. He got the best apartment in one week by using the right platform.

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