How to Ensure Good Tenants for Your Property

Many real estate investors build for commercial purposes to realise later that a beautiful edifice for rent is not just enough. As they wouldn’t be available all the time to inspect their properties in different places, they have to ensure that the houses they have built are occupied and consistently maintained by good tenants.

However, there is no way that you can be sure that your tenants are going to take good care of your property. For this reason, we have compiled a few tips that can be extremely helpful to you for making sure that your tenants are taking proper care of your property or household.


Consult the previous landlord

Choosing the right and the most appropriate tenants is very important. As part of giving out your house for lease, you must also make sure that you always contact the previous landlord of your prospective tenant. You should ask them whether their tenants were good with the property and if they would be able to allow them again.

A large deposit

A large payment deposit can be very helpful in making sure that your tenant takes proper care of your property. You must at least take six weeks’ worth of rent as deposit and also make it clear to the client that if any damage is done on the property, the equivalent amount will be deducted from the deposit amount. This will easily ensure that the tenant takes good care of your property as if it is his property.

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 Befriend the neighbours

It is important to befriend the neighbours as they can be all eyes and ears when it comes to overseeing your tenants when you are not around. You can also give them all the instructions and ask them to be highly vigilant when it comes to spying on your tenants. This is a very naughty step but a very effective step as well.

Regular inspections

Regular inspections must also be carried out for ensuring that your property is in good hands. For example you can visit your property once every three months and do an inspection. This will help you in the long run as it can increase your trustworthiness on the tenant which can have many long term implications. However, since property management is not an easy task at all, it is advised not to handle it on your own completely. Moreover, you also have many other important tasks to complete.

Employ a Property Manager

A property manager or estate manager is a person or firm charged with operating a real estate property for a fee, when the owner is unable to personally attend to such details, or is not interested in doing so. It is very crucial that you do not get involved in the matters of management when you know that you are completely a novice in this field. Instead hire an expert to accomplish the tasks efficiently.

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At we believe that the manner in which you manage your property today will determine its value tomorrow. And that is why we ensure all properties we manage receive the very best of care, attention and supervision.

Do you want further information about how best we can help you properly manage your property or are you just looking to get very good and trustworthy tenants into your property? Call us now on 07013330008 or reach us here.


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