Property for Sale: Tips for Hosting a Virtual Home Tour

What Is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is anything but static—it may be created from photographs taken by drone, video footage shot inside the property, 3D models generated using computer graphics software, etc. They include videos, 3D virtual tours (also known as VR), and interactive 360-degree visualizations. 

With virtual house tours and showings, people can now easily list their houses online without worrying about health and safety issues like they would if they were showing their homes face to face.

The same goes for buyers looking at properties in other states or countries.

Virtual home tours are top-rated among real estate agents and potential buyers because they allow them to showcase a property in multiple ways. For example, you could create an immersive experience that will enable users to move through your space with the help of Google Cardboard. Or, you could use a drone to capture stunning aerial images of your property.

To get the best price and sell house fast Greenville, speak to an experienced realtor. Below are some tips from these home selling experts:

Plan Your Route

You may have already started planning your home tour, but if not, now is the time to do so. A simple Google search for “home tour planner” or “virtual house tour” can get you started. Many options are available online, including DIY tours created by real estate agents who specialize in staging homes for showings. If you’re planning on taking photos, make sure you know where all the good spots are before shooting. You don’t want to waste valuable time trying to find the perfect place when there’s no one around.

Moreover, working with a professional agent, ask them what route they recommend taking. You don’t want to miss out on any hidden features or particular areas of the home that need attention. It might seem obvious, but it’s essential to clean the house before hosting a virtual tour. If there are piles of laundry sitting around, dirty dishes piled up in the sink, or clutter everywhere, you’ll only end up making things worse.

Ensure Proper Lighting

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of what technology offers when it comes to staging. Virtual reality can create an incredible amount of interest in people who may not have been interested at all before. This type of experience allows them to put themselves into your space without being physically present. You are now showing off more than just a house with this addition. You’re capturing their imagination. To help with virtual tours, check out some VR tour guidebooks.

When balancing too much versus not enough light exposure, consider practicing for at least one whole week before going live. That way, you can see how well you did during the process. And remember that you should always test lighting levels in different parts of the room. For instance, the kitchen area will require more light than the living room.

Prepare to Answer Questions During the Tour

Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to say about your home. Don’t forget to include details like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and whether or not the house needs work. Also, be prepared to answer any questions during the tour. This includes anything from asking about the neighborhood to the history of the house itself.

Your goal is to convince potential buyers that your home is worth buying. So, it would help if you thought about what you want to say. For instance, think about the following points:

  • What kind of neighborhood does your home sit in? Is it close to schools, shopping centers, parks, etc.?
  • How big is the lot? Does it have a yard or driveway? 

Make sure to get ready ahead of time by working closely with your realtor to ensure that everything goes smoothly. It would be best to work with an experienced realtor when preparing for home selling.

Make sure your house looks clean.

Still, having a clean, sparkly space is vital for buyers looking at homes. They want to feel comfortable in their area. Cleanliness also helps sell a home faster. Studies have shown that buyers are willing to pay higher prices for cleaner houses.

If you’re still unsure about how to stage your home for a virtual tour, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Start by cleaning as much as possible
  • Remove personal items
  • Clear away clutter
  • Keep counters tidy
  • Get rid of pet hair

Now You are Ready to Go Live

The first thing you should do is choose your platform. There are plenty of options out there, each with its own set of pros and cons. Some venues offer only basic features, while others provide robust functionality that allows you to create beautiful, interactive 360-degree views. You’ll likely find yourself choosing between two main categories: desktop applications and mobile apps. Desktop platforms are better suited for creating high-quality, immersive experiences, but they may limit you to a single viewer. Mobile apps allow you to share your creation with anyone who has access to a smartphone, making them great for promoting your listing.

Once you’ve decided on a platform, you’ll need to choose where to host your presentation. A website works best for smaller properties, whereas Facebook Live is ideal for larger spaces. If you plan to use multiple platforms, make sure to link all of your social media accounts so viewers can easily follow along.

After viewing your home on a digital platform, you’re now going to have to tell your story again. Many people prefer to write their narrative, but this isn’t required. However, doing so will help you connect more personally with the buyer. To begin, try writing down the highlights of your most significant experience in the home. Try to imagine what it was like to live there in the past. What did you love? How were you affected by its presence? Then, please explain why you feel it’s a good fit for someone else. For example, “This home is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast because it includes a patio with a view of the lake. This space has been used frequently due to its proximity to a golf course.” Once you finish writing, read through it several times — this is likely one of the few opportunities you’ll ever have to say these words aloud.

While this step may seem tedious, it’s crucial to providing excellent customer service. Whether or not you know the right script to deliver, the key is always to convey your true intentions. After all, if your home isn’t exactly suited for a specific person, then your job isn’t complete.

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