Simple and Luxurious Designs for Duplex Buildings

Driving anywhere around urban cities like Lagos, Abuja etc. You could throw a stone that’ll land in an estate, mini courts with multiple similar buildings; a Duplex. Arguments have been made on social media about the lack of creativity with Developers building similar structures, a real-life copy and paste. So in today’s blog post, we’ll be sharing simple, yet luxurious designs for duplex buildings. 


Modern Duplex House Designs

To make your duplex house stand out and give it a touch of elegance and modernity, external lighting can work wonders.

With the right lighting, it transforms into a charming and luxurious space that catches everyone’s attention. 

Nowadays, you have a wide range of outdoor lighting ideas to choose from. Whether you prefer hanging lights, wall fixtures, quaint lanterns, or even fire pits, investing in the perfect lighting option can truly enhance the overall appearance of your house. 

So go ahead and explore the possibilities to give your home a captivating glow!

Venice Duplex flyer

Budget-Friendly Duplex House Design 

Did you also believe that duplex houses are always expensive and extravagant? Well, let me tell you that’s just a myth. You can actually create a budget-friendly and modern duplex house design even in a limited plot area, and still manage to turn heads with its charm.

The key is to make the most of the two floors available and ensure a smart and seamless floor plan. Utilize the lower floor for the living room, kitchen, and pooja room areas, while reserving the upper floor for all the sleeping quarters or bedrooms. 

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And guess what? You can even have a balcony connected to the bedrooms on the upper floor, just like in the image below. This not only adds a delightful touch but also offers a lovely view of the house entrance.

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So, don’t let the misconception of expensive duplex houses hold you back. With some clever planning and a touch of creativity, you can have a modern duplex that fits your budget while still grabbing everyone’s attention.

Beautiful blue duplex building
Beautiful blue Duplex apartment

Duplex House Designs With Car Parking

Many duplex house owners now use the carpet space to build the house and store their cars outside. In this scenario, covered parking makes sense because it will assist protect the vehicle from external damage. 

When designing the parking lot, make sure there is enough space to park a large passenger vehicle (SUV). 

This manner, you can be confident that your duplex house will be able to accept newer models of cars that you may purchase in the future. Check out these photographs of duplex houses with covered parking spaces.

Duplex House Design Ideas With Garden 

If you have a somewhat larger property, dedicating the surrounding land to a garden is a terrific idea. If you look at several design, you’ll see that the duplex house are usually built in the centre of the plot, with grass and trees covering the frontal area. 

For starters, the family will have a wonderful vista every morning. This land is also suitable for families that want to grow vegetables or fruits. 

Duplex For Rent

A modern duplex house design with garage space

If your floor design allows it, consider installing a garage on the bottom level. Aside from parking vehicles, a garage has several other purposes. 

It can serve as a storage facility for unused furniture, toys, and other household belongings. 

A garage is also an excellent location for dirty activities and artwork. A closed garage is a secure place to keep several cars, motorcycles, and children’s bikes. 

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When designing your garage, you might save money by including a common wall between the garage and the house. If you don’t own a car but have a garage, you can rent it out and make some quick money. 

2d design of a duplex with a garage
2d design of a Duplex with a garage

Duplex houses with sloped roofs

Did you know that sloped roofs provide a number of advantages? They provide natural ventilation to the upper portion of your duplex house design as well as protection from natural elements such as wind, snow, and rain. 

The sloped shape directs rainfall away from the structure, saving its exteriors. 

Experts also claim that repairing slanted roofs is less expensive than repairing fractures and structural damage in flat roofs. So keep this in mind as you plan your future duplex house. 

Modern duplex house design with shared walls

In large cities, space is always an issue, and you may not be able to build a duplex house with open space surrounding it even if you wanted to. This, however, should not prevent you from obtaining your ideal modern duplex house design.

Take a look at these duplex house designs with shared walls. Despite their small size, they have the advantage of being less expensive and more capacious. 

They may not have open gardens, but they are self-contained homes ideal for small families. Such duplexes are the future of urban housing, and you should not pass them up. 

Duplex houses with wooden exteriors

Wood is, without a question, one of the most traditional building materials. While many people use wood to design interiors, you can also use it to finish the exterior of your home. 

When designing a duplex house with wooden exteriors, make sure the wood is weather-proof. You may need to request that your building crew apply a weather-proof coating to the wooden structures. 

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Using subtle exterior colours and vibrant hardwood finishes can help your duplex house stand out, as shown below.

Colourful duplex house design

Who doesn’t enjoy a pop of colour? Exterior paints play an important role in making a property’s first impression and mood, therefore it’s perfectly fine to make your duplex house design vibrant and sincere. 

Different hues are connected with certain moods. Blue, for example, represents tranquilly and tranquillity. A blue-painted house will immediately put you at ease. A green duplex house will bring the outdoors inside and help you feel more connected to nature. 

Purple is connected with royalty, whereas red can make you feel powerful and confident. You can transform your feelings about the place by using vividly painted exteriors for your house design. Take a look at these lovely and vibrant duplexes.

Colourful duplex house design
Colourful Duplex house design

Final Thought

Congratulations! you’ve just embarked on a journey to create a duplex that effortlessly blends simplicity and luxury. by embracing open-concept living, incorporating striking architectural elements, designing luxurious master suites, and creating inviting outdoor spaces, you’re well on your way to achieving your dream home.

Remember, the key is to infuse elegance with practicality, ensuring your duplex not only looks stunning but also meets the needs of its residents. so, let your imagination run wild and design a duplex that will leave everyone in awe. 

Get ready to create a space that captures hearts and makes you fall in love with your home every single day. Happy designing. 


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