Top 12 Places to Hangout with Children in Ibadan

Ibadan, a running splash of rust and gold, is for sure one of the best places to live in Nigeria. This is not just because of the cities affordability nor its strategic location, but it is due to the fact that Ibadan is a place that allows you to be you when you want to have a special fun filled experience. With no exceptions to children, the historical city is a place worth going on a family vacation.

If you stay in Ibadan, have you ever considered the city’s beautiful hangout spots with children? Check them out here;


Captain Bower’s Tower

bower's tower


The tower is built at the highest point in Ibadan; the top of the tower is a good point to have a panoramic view of Ibadan. An interesting thing about the tower is the staircase leading to its top. It is quite compact, and if you are not conscious enough to descend the same route you ascended, you are likely to miss your way out, that is why Ibadan people call it Layipo. Experience this historical landmark with your family.

 The Ventura Shopping Mall

The Ventura

In this building are shops and playground for children. However, the building is most popular for the Film House Cinema which it hosts. This is where the latest movies are shown daily. Toddler, children, and teenagers will have fun in Ventura.

Game World, Dugbe, Ibadan

Game world is a recreational center where different indoor games such as snooker, table tennis, play station, dart and others are played. There is also a conference center, minibar, and restaurant. This place is more appropriate for teenagers. So let your teenage children enjoy a new side of fun.

The University of Ibadan Zoo

UI zoo

The University of Ibadan Zoo, like most modern zoos, displays wild animals primarily for the conservation of endangered species, as well as for research purposes and education, and so also for the entertainment of visitors. The garden is home to a wide array of animals comprising mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Green monkeys. The Zoo is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 8:00 to 18:30 daily.

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The shops at the zoo premises have a wide variety of delicious takeaways and kiosks offer snacks. There are numerous picnic spots located within the Zoo where you can relax in the shade of giant trees. Here your children can learn and have fun. Come prepared for a day filled with fun, fun, FUN!!

Cocoa House

Cocoa House

Cocoa House Ibadan was completed in 1965 at a height of 105 meters was once the tallest building in tropical Africa. It is located in the city of Ibadan in Oyo State, Nigeria. And was built from proceeds from commodities (e.g., Cocoa, Rubber, Timber and so on) of the then the Western State of Nigeria. This is a historical landmark that children need to know.

Mapo Hall

Mapo HallThis colonial styled city hall built on the Mapo Hill is an imposing edifice launched in 1929 by Captain Ross. Its strategic location at an ancient site in Oje close to the Olubadan’s Palace coupled with the statue of Balogun Oderinlo at a roundabout in front of the hall further project the hall as a landmark in Ibadan. The renovation carried out on the building in 2006 has re-awaken interest in the monument as a perfect hangout spot for children.


ibadan funspots

If you want a highbrow eatery where your children can enjoy delicacies, try Chrysallis. Chrysallis has two outlets in Ibadan: one off the road behind the Bodija Police Station and the other beside Leadway Insurance at Ring Road. Their outlets don’t have any signage as their main strategy for selling is word of mouth. Right from the security guards at the gate to the staff at the restaurant, everyone delivers excellent service. They have clean with hand towels meticulously arranged for just a one-time use.

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National Museum, Ibadan

Ibadan Museum

National Museum Ibadan is a specialized museum dedicated to national unity, hence its official name of Museum of National Unity (MNU) a.k.a. National Unity Museum.

There are a lot of fascinating objects to behold inside NUM Ibadan. The objects that form the quasi-permanent exhibition at this Museum of National Unity are displayed in four galleries, namely; “Unity Gallery,” “Masquerade Gallery,” “Pottery Gallery” and “Yoruba Gallery.”

NM Ibadan is open every day, including public holidays from 10 am to 5 am. The gallery opens at 10 am daily, including Saturday and Sunday. Admission fee to the gallery is N50 or N20, per adult or minor respectively; and these same charges apply to non-Nigerian visitors. You can have fun with your children here almost for free.

Cultural Center Ibadan

cultural center Ibadan

The cultural center sits beautifully on top of the Mokola hill and I must say it is way bigger than it looks. The entrance is guarded by two beautiful sculptures; one a drummer with the gangan drum and the other with the shekere which are both native musical instruments in Yoruba land. Your children overwhelmed by the size of the theatre. The whole theatre itself is an astounding beauty; from seats covered with asho offi (a Yoruba traditional material) to the big stage.

Trans Wonderland Amusement Park


Trans Wonderland is sometimes referred to as Nigeria’s Disney World. The park covers a total area of 67 acres. The fascinating attractions in the park include roller coasters, electronic bumper cars, panoramic wheels, Ferris wheels, merry-go-round horses, space station, flying chain chairs, dragon boats, funky basket circles and many others. Let your children experience will fun here.

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The Ibadan Recreational Club

Ibadan recreational club

The Ibadan recreational club established 1902 in the Sabo area of the city is one of the oldest of such clubs in the country. It offers a Swimming pool, Tennis courts, Basketball courts, Snooker, Squash courts, Darts corner, and a relaxation bar. The city is also host to dozens of football academies where soccer talents are groomed. This is appropriate for a family that has a good number of sons, all the mama and papa boys can add a little magic to the season.

IITA Forest Reserve


This forest reserve covers 350 hectares out of the 1,000 hectares owned by IITA, and the forest reserve is highly wooded and has natural landscaping features like wetlands, farmlands, a reservoir, and eight lakes and ponds.
The forested reserve is highly diversified and rich in exotic plants and birds and butterflies. There are over 200 bird species living in the reserve and over 220 butterfly species, with 440 plants that are largely used for medicinal purposes throughout West Africa. The rainforest also has sporting facilities like a 9-hole golf course, badminton court, swimming pool, football pitch, and a lawn tennis court among others.

Make the most of this season, have fun with your children. Visit to rent or buy apartments in Ibadan.



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