10 Unique Family Fun Spots in Nigeria

Family hangouts promote bonding and unity. For working-class mums and dads, visits to recreational places to be with your children will foster communication in the family. In Nigeria, there are a lot of tourists’ destinations and travel locations where families can have beautiful and remarkable fun experiences. Despite the numerous of fun spots in Lagos, there are still a lot of unique fun spots in other states in Nigeria. Let’s educate our children about our nation’s rich culture by visiting lovely places across the nation. Set the sail as we explore the best hangout spots for families in Nigeria;



1. The Yankari National Park, Bauchi

yankari game reserve

The Yankari National Park located in Bauchi state is one of best Wildlife Parks in Nigeria. Baboons, Crocodiles, Hippopotamus, Waterbucks, Warthogs and Duiker are present at the park. The Park has a lot of attractions. The Park is located in the south-central part of Bauchi State. The fun activities here are; sightseeing, hiking and taking selfies.

2. Obudu Cattle Ranch, Cross River

obudu cattle ranch

Obudu Cattle Ranch located in Crossriver state Nigeria is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Some features that make this place unique are horse riding, sporting facilities, natural swimming pool, gorilla camp, bird watching, beautiful waterfall and its exquisite hotels. The is located in Cross River State near Nigeria.

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3. Ogbunike Cave, Anambra State

The Ogbunike Cave located in Anambra state is a natural wonder. Segments of the Cave have their peculiarities. The Cave is located at about an hour drive from the market town of Onitsha, Anambra State.

4. Ibeno Beach, Akwa Ibom

Ibeano Beach

The Ibeno Beach is one of the best beaches in Nigeria. Located in Akwa Ibom, the beach is a water sports lover’s haven. A Soccer Tournament always take place at this destination.

5. Benue Hills, Benue

Benue Hills

Benue State has a hilly landscape which is a major tourist’s attraction, some of them are: Ushogbo Hills found in Ushogbo town that such a pleasant weather condition making picnickers haven. Bassa Hills has a pleasant scenery. Ikyogen Hills is surrounded by green vegetation which it is popularly called Ikyogen Cattle Ranch. Swern Hills reflects the history of the Tiv People.

6. Oguta Lake Holiday Complex

oguta lake

Oguta Lake is the largest natural Lake in Nigeria after lake Chad. Some of the fun activities at the lake are; swimming and hiking. The Oguta Lake complex also has Golf course of international standard, Cruise boat services, mini children recreational park, Relic of Nigerian civil war- a mini bunker, Golf Club Bar House and Natural confluence of Urashi River and Oguta Lake. The Lake is located in oguta Local Government Area of Imo State.

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7. Silicon Hill, Enugu

silicon valley enugu

The silicon Hill located in Enugu is made of silica a raw material used in the manufacture of glass. The hills bring tourists close to mother nature. It is a perfect spot for sightseeing. The beautiful Silicon Hills is situated in Enugu State.

8. Okomu Wildlife Sanctuary

Okomu wildlife sanctuary

This Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Benin City, it has the following animals; mona monkey, chimpanzees, porcupines, duikers, buffalo, elephants, bush-baby, the putty-nosed quenon, hornbills, the red river hog and most important of all the white-throated monkey which is in danger of extinction. The Okomu Forest Reserve is the second largest in Nigeria.

9. Bible She, Araya

Bible she Araya

This location has become a pilgrim site in Nigeria. The historical relevance of this was a believe that a copy of the Holy Bible fell from heaven and landed in Araya in Delta State in the year 1914. The spot where the bible landed is now a holy site which attracts pilgrims in their numbers.

10. Slave Trade Relics, Badagry

badagry slave trade relics

Revisiting history, the slave trade relics will give a vivid picture of the slave trade to tourists. Relics of the slave trade consist of locks and shackles are preserved by Mobee family at Marina Badagry, it is in the custody of the family and is on exhibition in the family house.

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